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  1. I test drove an LTZ today and noticed how the passenger side tow mirror is a bit of an obstruction when trying to watch for traffic at an intersection. Is this just me or do others have this same experience?
  2. The clearance is about 3/4 of an inch from the fin to the top of my garage door. The garage opening is 80.5 inches. The truck is an LTZ with 20 inch wheels. How close is too close?
  3. Thank You both for the pics! I'm glad to see that it should fit....just can't be coming in hot...Thank You Again!!
  4. My garage opening is 80.5 inches. Will the new 2020 2500 fit? Also, will 18 inch wheels give you more clearance than the 20 inch?
  5. Thank you all for your insight! Cowpie like you I do not tow a lot, but like driving a heavier truck. After driving a dmax for the past 13+ years I purchased a 14 1500 z71. I never have liked it and am back driving my 03 dmax with 230 k miles.
  6. Cowpie, what kind of mpg are you getting? I'd be happy with the 6.0, but feel like a different rear end would help with the mileage. Thanks for your input!
  7. What changes will we see for the 17 gas 2500? My wish list in order would be as follows: 3.73 rear end 8 speed transmission 6.2 I'd love to see this truck (4x4) average around 17+ mpg. Any thoughts or predictions on this?
  8. Grandpa is referring to the standard box. For this topic I believe standard, long, and regular box are all referring to the 6'6" bed.
  9. I have the standard box and am very happy. I think it looks better and has more functionality. Go long you can't go wrong
  10. Yes, they are good looking trucks. I will say I think you will be happier with the 6.2 than the new d max. I drove one and it felt like a tank... Pretty rough and tight nothing like our old trucks. Wish you the best and good luck!
  11. I've driven an 03 d max for the past 11 years and recently purchased a 14 z71 1/2 ton. I loved my dmax but for some reason do not feel comfortable in the new 14. I cannot decide if I'm uncomfortable bc it's a half ton or if I just don't care for the truck. Anyone having the same experience? Dislikes are: no rear air vents, cooled seat vents in rear of seats, center console seems like a deep black hole ( I've had mail get lost under drink holders) poor positioning of door lock control, side view mirrors, poor radio reception, seat moves, key remote, poor voice activation, delay in changing Bluetooth songs, cooled seats don't seem to work all that great Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated Thanks!
  12. I recently purchased a lightly used 14 gmc z71 slt off eBay. It looks and feels brand new. Question: how much do running boards help in keeping your seats from getting really worn. My previous truck had them and when I exit my new truck I feel like I could wear my seat out really fast by sliding in and out without steps. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
  13. I'm going with black Crew ext. coco inter std bed Ltz chev or slt gmc. I want it pretty much loaded except rear sliding glass and sunroof.
  14. Clark I too am waiting on the 15s. I've heard mixed opinions as to major or minor changes. What trim level are you interested in?
  15. Extremes 1088 Did you get your badging removed? How does it look? Would you mind posting pics? I like your idea and was wondering if it is difficult. Thanks for your help!
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