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  1. After a brief absence I'm back in a full-size GM.
  2. GM's are the most comfortable for me. That's why I keep coming back. I've had several Fords too (including my current F-150) and like them too. I haven't had any major problems from either brand.
  3. The fact that these trucks don't have push button start yet is very disappointing. My '16 Platinum F-250 didn't come with a switchblade key, but the key and fob is all one unit.
  4. It's only been out a month. I doubt there are too many of them out there yet.
  5. You ain't worth the ban, son. Check the website of the guy whom the mod is named after. http://norcaltruck.com/2007-5-2013-chevy-gm-large-fender-mod
  6. Looks almost identical to the damage my High Country had after I was rear-ended 2 years ago. They replaced my left bedside and rear bumper, my tailgate had some damage that had to be repaired as well.
  7. What trim is your truck? LTZ and High Country should have the chrome trimmed fob, if it's an LT or lower the black key fob is correct. Getting rid of the bowtie might be a cost cutting measure. Correction: It looks like the black key fobs never had the Chevrolet bowtie on the back. So, if your truck is an LT, you have the correct key fob.
  8. Norcal mod is when you cut the inner fender, not the bumper as you're suggesting by your picture. It doesn't look like he's cut the bumper either though.
  9. I can tell just by looking at it, it will hide dirt better than black will.
  10. Looks like a 3" body lift and it looks like shit with the hitch and the step rails hanging way down. I'm not good at eye balling tire size.
  11. I have a spray in liner in the bed of my truck, where it belongs.
  12. They look like the SEY GM Accessories wheels, but those are only available as 22's, IIRC. You can buy center caps without a logo, that doesn't mean they aren't OEM wheels.
  13. Depends on the dealer. Mine doesn't care. I schedule service online through my dealerships website.
  14. Welcome to the site. I like the plans, minus getting the truck sprayed in Line-X. Not my style, but it's not my truck or money either.
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