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  1. Has anyone resolved or found this? Same exact noise I’ve been chasing for over a year in my 14 6.2
  2. I loved my hostile hammered Wheels, but the “chrome” which was pvd peeled in a year. I was told all pvd wheels are now having issues, and they’re no longer offering them.
  3. 3rd battery here in Florida on my '14. Wired up and have 2 in there now, we'll see how long two interstate batteries hold up vs the delco. Can't explain the sparks tho.
  4. Adjustable is the most versatile way to go, you can change heights depending on what you're hauling. Get a pin lock for it too
  5. Totally understand, and there's no reason for that. Mine is a '14, I went through the vibration on the highway thing. Couple sets of good years, a set of Michelin's. The vibration would go away everytime they worked on it, but eventually come back. I figured there's no fix so I decided to lift it and install bigger tires, my thinking was if it's gonna vibrate like it has big tires, might as well look cool and go where I want it to. I still pick up on it from time to time, but I think it depends on which way the wind is blowing. LOL. Good luck to you bro, hope yours gets resolved.
  6. Calling them on it won't gain you anything other than tension. Hopefully this has a happy ending for you
  7. I would pay either the dealer, or a good transmission shop for a flush and filter change, and have them check the flow/circulation
  8. running 8" McGaughy with 35/12.5, 6.2/3.42 Tuner, mit tube, definitely no power issues
  9. sorry, but this sounds fishy.... like standing on one leg gives you better cell phone signal? lol
  10. if i was in the arctic region of canada (;))) i wouldnt have a problem either. only happens on hot days...
  11. Yeti cooler full of beverages on the passengers side should help
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