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  1. Oh you're hilarious! Yes, that's exactly what I did
  2. Oops! I had Ecoboost on the brain I guess. Thanks!
  3. Oh gosh those dogs are all beautiful!! I can only have one where I live and it has to be less than 30lbs so couldn't have 1 the size of yours. Maybe both our teams will have better luck next week. I have family members that have gone to both schools but my heart is in Pullman...GO COUGS!
  4. No, she's a little Min Pin/Chihuahua mix. I'm a Washington State University Cougars fan. I would NEVER have a Husky
  5. Just got back from a 500 mile trip to pick up some deck boards from my sister in Medford, OR. I loaded up as many of the boards that would fit in the bed and headed back north up I-5. I had 4 small mountains to go over with mostly 6% grades, and the truck just drove up those hills, with all that weight in the back, like it was nothing. Really impressed with the power the engine has. The truck was very comfortable on the drive and even my pup (that hates to ride in the car) didn't seem to be as stressed out in this truck. I got about 23mpg on the way down and 20mpg on the way home. I know I'll get better mpg as the engine gets a few more miles on it. The only problem I had was my iPod would only play about 10 songs and then stop. I had to keep unplugging it and plugging it back in. I know there are people out there that say they will never get the 4cyl in a truck, but if they would just drive it, they might be surprised. Just like I was.
  6. Just picked up my 2021 Silverado RST on 8/25 with the 2.7L. I wanted to thank everyone that contributed to this thread. I was initially dismissing a 4cyl in a full size truck but pulled the trigger after seeing the positive comments here. I wouldn't have even gone to look at the truck if I hadn't seen this thread. I realized that for what I want the truck for, I don't need 12,000lb towing capacity but 9,000 is plenty. I doubt I would ever tow more than about 5,000lbs anyway. Maybe a small travel trailer when I retire to wander the country in style. I drove the truck home about 55 miles and was impressed with the ride and the power of the engine. I have only had the truck 2 days but so far I'm very happy with my purchase. I left Chevrolet for a bit but am happy to be back in the bowtie family! I've ordered running boards and an organizer tray for the console. Still trying to decide what else to get... Thank you again! Laura
  7. I'm kind of late to the party here but I have the vibration issue with my 2014 Regular cab 2WD Z71 with the 5.3 so I came here to see if anyone else was having the same problem. I bought the truck in May 2014 and just turned 10,000 miles and the vibration seems to be getting worse over time. I have had the wheels balanced and rotated twice thinking that was the problem (both times all 4 tires were out of balance) but the vibration didn't go away. I didn't make it through all 350+ pages in this thread but from what I saw, there is no fix for the problem. I just don't have the time or energy to fight GM on this one. I applaud those that are and I hope you get a good resolution. This is such a disappointment. I really like the GM trucks better than the other two but I'm not going to waste my time trying to get it fixed at this point since there isn't a realistic fix anyway. I've only had my truck a year but I think I will live with the problem for another year and then move on to Ram or Ford. Laura
  8. First trip with the travel trailer. Truck did fantastic and I got right around 13 mpg. The trailer looks a little nose-high in the picture but it's just the angle of the photo. The thing was just as level as could be and yes, I was using a WDH and friction sway control. I'm thrilled with the towing experience with this truck. GVWR of the trailer is 3850. Truck has 5.3 and 3.42 rear so I'm pretty sure I'm not exceeding my towing capacity I can't wait to take it out again but work is taking up all my free time LOL Laura
  9. 2014 Silverado LT, regular cab 2WD, 5.3, 3.42, towing 3850 GVWR travel trailer. Just got back from my first tow with the truck and I averaged 13.4 on the way to the campground with minimal cross wind. Averaged 12.7 on the return trip with a slight headwind. Traveled on I-5 in Oregon with a few small 6% hills. Total miles about 400 round trip. Works for me! Laura
  10. I have an Eaz-Lift WDH with 1,000lb bars for my set up. I towed with a Jeep Liberty (which had plenty of power to pull my little trailer, but...) before this truck. I haven't towed with the new truck but I may not even need WD now. My trailer's GVWR is only 3850 and with the 5.3 and 3.42 the info says I can tow up to 9300 lbs. I also have the Rancho shocks which should help keep the squat to a minimum. I will use the friction sway control even if I don't use the WDH. I am going to pick up the trailer this weekend and drag it around town and on the freeway to see how it does with and without the bars. I have a smaller WDH with 350lb bars so might use that just to cut down on the bouncing I get with the single axle trailer if I find I don't need the bars. It's also not as heavy as the hitch for the 1,000lb bars. I'll keep the heavier setup for the future in case I get a bigger trailer. I had a near-death experience in March towing in bad weather with the Jeep which is why I now have the Chevy. I was going to sell the trailer but decided to upgrade the tow vehicle instead. I've had 3 trailers and have always used some type of sway control. Just like 06SierraZ71 said, I would get one just to be safe. I always take the friction sway control off before I back up or make tight turns because it will bend. I usually need to stop a few times on my travels to adjust it depending on the conditions which also gives me the opportunity to do a walkaround to make sure everything is okay. Out here on the west coast, we have semi's that carry 3 trailers and when you get passed by one of those, you get blown all over the place no matter what you're towing. Good luck with whatever you decide! Laura
  11. Hi everyone, Picked up my new 2014 LT Z71 in May. Just had the Undercover Flex folding bed cover installed yesterday and am shopping for a good rubber bed mat. I'm also going to install the in-channel vent visors and will think about tinting the windows to help keep it cooler inside. Super happy with my truck and I can't wait to hook up my trailer and start camping! I have a trip planned in July for a week at a nice resort (yeah, I'm a 'glamper') here in Oregon. I installed the brake controller but have been waiting to get some miles on the engine before I tow. The trailer is small but hope to upgrade to a bigger one in the next few years. I'm glad I found this group!
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