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  1. Just towed my sons car on a UHaul trailer, so about 5000 lb. Total of about 350 miles mostly around 70 MPH. 2019 6.2 w/10 speed. Was between 163-169 deg the whole trip.
  2. Go to siriusxm.com/take12 you can get it for $6/mo for 12 mo.
  3. I went with Bilstein 6112/5100 with a 2” lift spacer in front to level it and Rough Country UCA’s to take care of ball joint angle. I’ve got about 5k miles on it so far and am completely happy.
  4. I have searched not just this forum but other resources as well. I have a 2019 AT4 with a 2” level in the front and factory 18” wheels. I am installing Rough Country pocket flares and 1.5” Bora spacers. My question is, should I be ok with a 35x12.5r18 KO2? The flares eliminate the stock mud flaps at the rear of the front wheel wells. I understand I will likely need to do the liner mod and have no problem with that.
  5. I did the 6112/5100 combo. I wanted the lifetime warranty all the way around so decided against the 5160’s. The 6112’s in front have the advantage of the springs and shocks being designed as a matched system.
  6. This is my 2019 AT4 leveled with Bilstein 6112’s and 2” MotoFab top spacers. It initially was 3/4” high in the front but after 100 miles settled to perfectly level.
  7. Thanks! This is good to know. I still would have had to use a spacer to get the 2” I needed for the level as the Bilstein 6112’s for the AT4 only go up to just over an inch.
  8. This list is for a 2019 Sierra AT4 with the 6.2, make sure these are correct for your truck. Two of each are required and you do not need the lower insulator if you are installing 6112’s. 84171380 Front suspension strut bumper 23344927 Front spring lower insulator 84171377 Front shock absorber boot 84458268 Strut Mount 11601789 Top Nut
  9. Better. The ride overall is a touch firmer but has none of the pogoing in the front or the choppiness in the rear. I think it makes it much more comfortable.
  10. So I just got my truck back from having a set of Bilstein 6112’s with a MotoFab 2” top spacer installed along with a set of Rough Country UCA’s. I already have Bilstein 5100’s in the back. I went with 6112’s simply because I was tired of waiting on the 5100’s for the front and found these in stock. they are installed on the lowest snap ring groove as I want to keep preload to a minimum for the best ride quality. axle angles are ok. I don’t do any serious wheeling so I expect them to last. I was going to do the install myself but compressing those big springs gave me the heebie jeebies so I had a local shop do it. I also want to be able to easily swap if I ever need to warranty the Bilstein so I went ahead and bought all new top hats, isolators and bumpers so I have a complete set of loaded stockers ready to swap in. Truck looks perfect to my eye. Next up are a set of Bora 1.5” spacers and some RC pocket flares. Eventually i want to go to some 17x9 -12 Fuel wheels and 34” tires but I haven’t nailed the exact combo down yet.
  11. Install a small spacer. Use a good brand that is hub centric and you should have no issues. I’ve got a set of Bora spacers on the way for my truck.
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