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  1. 285/65/18s on stock 18in rim without level kit?

    I never had them on with stock height. But others have without issue.
  2. 285/65/18s on stock 18in rim without level kit?

    I got the level also. fit and look is great.
  3. Throttle response

    Thanks. I have a 2014 and have zero flex.......interesting.
  4. Throttle response

    Do you have a link for that DIY thread?
  5. Corsa or Borla

    Borla Atak is music to my ears. S-type is great sound too I just like the more aggressive sounding Atak.
  6. i have had the Rough Country 2 inch level on the front of mine for over 30,000 miles without issue. I have the cast steel control arms. I do some off roading too here and there.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    I dont think it matters on a monotube style shock.
  8. Intake

    This is true on the previous generation engines. Not the 2014s and up.
  9. Rain &4wd

    Yea just put it in 4wd auto.
  10. I have 30K miles on my Toyo AT2s and they are a VERY quiet AT tire!! For how aggressive they are they are one of the more quiet AT tires have never heard of them being noisey and I have done a ton of tire research.
  11. GM/Borla exhaust

    Borla has 3 different exhaust options for our trucks. there is a you tube video showing a comparison from Borla. Touring, S-type, and Atak. Borla is awesome exhaust just depends how much sound you want!
  12. 2018 5.3 K&N air intake/40 series Flowmaster

    Did you disconnect the battery before you installed the CAI?
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    I have read numerous instances were folks say the 5100 is less stiff on the bottom setting compared to highest setting. Makes sense since it wouldnt be pre loaded at all.
  14. Thanks for the info! I now know I have cast UCAs and have had a 2 inch level on my 2014 for 30K miles without issue FYI.
  15. S&B Cold Air Intake

    Are you guys going with the oiled filter or the dry filter? Thought the dry filter was better for our engines?

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