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  1. My programer states its flashed to a 5.3 so I doubt thats the issue, could double check! will the difference in brands acctually make a large difference? also I'm thinking possibly clogged cats?
  2. Need your help on this one! Trucks been poping o2 low voltage codes at me p0131 p0151 etc, so I replaced the 2 upstream ones and it's still givin me upstream o2 sensor codes! Symptoms are lack of power from mid range up and it seams to shift kinda funky somtimes
  3. So after a ton of research it requires quite a lot more work than I expected, Lots of temp sensors and what not that have to be installed around the truck for the auto air feature, but I'm more interested in just making the fan work with out the auto air, anyone soldered the to harnests together?
  4. In my 04 Silverado I have the dual climate control with the knobs and sliders, and I picked up a deluxe Air con Unit With the Screen in the middle and 2 knobs! The rear connector for the fan speed control is different but wondering if anyone has done this mod and knows how to splice the correct connection in! Ill post pictures if end up doing it!
  5. Hey so I've been trying to get my Fm radio reception to work little better, i live out in the rockies in BC canada so radio is a luxury. Im running a newer Kenwood DDX 392 touch screen for a head unit with the proper FM adaptor in the back and the radio is just poor compared to my buddies stock car radio. anyone running special boosters or have any tricks to increase range on the chevys?
  6. you runin over elephants with that bumper!?
  7. its not to "fix" a problem, these trannys seem to be sensitive to oil levels so it can achieve correct pressure and shift normally. I do see were you are coming from though
  8. Price difference, the 5100s come with boots but they come off very easy, you dont need them but don't see why you wouldn't wanna run them other than looks
  9. don't cheap out, buy the bilstiens! I got 5100s with the extra 2" in the front for the big keys and they made a ridiculous amount of difference, bit over kill but they haul ass on the dirt and seem to handle the dreaded cranked torsion keys and what not
  10. Not really leaning into throttle body spacers, the distance the air travels to where its used in these engines is to long for them to make a difference, in an older say carbed 350 would make a good difference. i more just wanna see if porting these throttle body is a good idea, not gunna cause any idle issue etc. and I'm also running a KnN already
  11. Thinking of getting a tune! got a hyper tech tuner but its not really doing much, and from what I've seen a newer wide throttle body can be a bit pricy for the little gains you get
  12. Alright so I've heard a lot of talk about Porting and polishing (P and P) a throttle body on a 5.3L Silverado (mines a 2004) . I really don't mind taking the time to do this so i need someones opinion on doing it! is there any gains or draw backs? It makes sense to me on a smother serface makes for faster air and grounding down the little lip in the TB can increase air flow! anyone do it yet?
  13. Id be interested to see how that looks! anyone got any pictures?
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