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  1. Yup, it's a 2500. Zone 5". Now has CST 10" LIFT. No longer fits in the garage...
  2. I never got an exact measurement from ground to onstar antenna, but my garage is opening is exactly 83", and I had about 3-4" to spare if you can tell from the pic. Another pic is my truck next to my dad's stock sierra.
  3. http://www.dieselarmy.com/news/video-new-2017-duramax-spotted-hear-it-run/
  4. I'm guessing the HD won't get this refresh until a new Duramax is released...?
  5. got the CST 10" KIT installed, finally, I thought my zone 5" rode awesome.... But this kit is flawless, installed atlas soft ride Springs in the back, rides like a caddy.
  6. I'm was running the zone 5" kit on my 15 Sierra HD. High quality kit for the price with nice welds. Zone is a sister company of bds and some of my parts do have bds engraved on them. But let me warm you, and I'm sure many others will agree, go big the first time. I had my zone kit installed for about 2 months running 35s, then wanted 37s but couldn't clear them without major bumper trimming. So then I ordered cst 8-10" lift. About $6400 on lift alone when all said n done. And like you, I didn't want to go bigger than a 5" kit, I thought I'd be good with just leveling it.....
  7. Are those 38s or 40s on the HD?? Also, what lift?
  8. not sure on the lift but this is your wheel/tire size/offset
  9. The onstar antenna does NOT hit. At 80" you could easily run a 7" lift on 35s.... On a 1500
  10. Whoops just realized I sent you these pics on a different thread
  11. 5" zone lift on 35s... . 2015 sierra HD. 7ft Garage opening. Clears by about 3-4"
  12. Yeah the antenna hits but it doesn't bother me . They sell shorter ones. http://www.cravenspeed.com/products/The-Stubby-Antenna.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAg_CnBRDc1N_wuoCiwyESJABpBuMXJAx4CO-iC2NzDGxzd8u51kuxag234oXeM6LyrQzL3RoCIXHw_wcB
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