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  1. I have a small midland with no bells and whistles. Don't take up much room at all. Just bought one to use when my goldwing bike goes into the shop for maintenance. never used any other radio except the on my bike.

  2. I just did this conversion. Can't say enough about PGAMBOA's attention to detail and customer service. He truly stands behind his work and provides extremely fast responses to any private messages. His harnesses make this truly plug and play. Would recommend to anyone thinking about swapping to DL3s. Thanks again.
  3. I can't speak to the data for the front USBs on a 2017. I think there was only one person that got both data and charging and he had a 2016. I ordered all my parts on eBay and paid about the same including shipping. You can find some deals though on certain parts...
  4. This is how I did it. The first part you can do ahead of time is remove the ash tray and install the front bracket. Then I removed my jump seat on a Sunday and reinstalled the bolts on the passenger seat (I have a crew cab so I just needed to tilt the seat forward to get at the wiring connectors). I drove around with nothing between my seats for the week while I took my time integrating both wiring harnesses after work. Then installed the new console with the combined wiring harness the following weekend. Worked well this way. The most time consuming parts are removing the old harness from the jump seat, taking the harness tape off to work on the wiring and doing all the soldering. I didn't want to rush this part and it worked out well. You just won't have any place to put your coffee for a few days
  5. So I final got a chance to put in the new GM USB-HMI cable. I got charging which is progress, but no data still. It must me something with the 2016 year....anyone with a 2014 or 2015 ever get data from the front USBs?
  6. Ok...the console is in. Rolled a donut on the front USBs....no data or charging. So it seems the generic USB cable I used is junk. I'll be ordering the GM cable to give that a try. All else is working great and very happy with how it came out. Thanks to all who contributed to this discussion and made the work easier for the rest of us.
  7. Interesting...I would not think that the front USBs would work for data without connecting all the wires from the harness. Others have failed to get data with the same setup. I have my wiring done and will install the console this weekend and report back. Thanks.
  8. How did you setup your wiring to get data and charging to the front USBs? Did you splice together the two USB power harnesses (red, black, blue, green, purple and gray wires)? I'm going to use the existing HMI cable from the goovebox and add a mini USB to standard USB cable to the front USBs which should work...
  9. The picture is deceiving...mine came complete with the black padded top (don't think it's leather) and the back panel. The other pieces you need are the front bracket, the side trim (left and right) and the top plate which comes with the cup holder...
  10. Are you using part number 23466980? I got mine new on eBay. I see two for sale on there now...
  11. Were you able to get the 3 USBs up front fully functional using the standard USB to mini cable in combo with the existing cable to the HMI? I was thinking of doing the same thing since the USB is pretty useless to me in the glove box. This is the last piece I want to figure out before installing the console. I've already combined both harnesses to make one hybrid...
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