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  1. Here I'm on Black Friday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LOL, don't be. Cajon pass is probably a 6% grade for 4-5mi stretch, take if off O/D drop it down to 4th, 6.2L is happy to maintain 70mph right at 3-3.5K RPM. I don't think other then a diesel or an ECO Boost there is anything else out there that can better it.
  3. There is very noticable power difference between the 5.3 vs 6.2, having said that both gas engines are rev happy. I've had my 2013 Denali loaded up with glass shelving probably grossing over 3000lb plus two other passengers going through up the Cajon pass, even with the 6.2 I had to take if off the O/D, really pulls hard 3500rpm range and above. Last week I test drove 2015 2500HD Denali/Diesel, truck felt heavy and the Diesel engine isn't as responsive as the 6.2 at least from light to light and in stop and go traffic.But I have no doubt that it will do a much better job with heavy loads compare to the gas motor. I just could't justefy upgrading to a HD with the limited amount of towing I'm doing.
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