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  1. The thing about the sales part is that on paper Ford will always be #1 since they keep Chevy and GMC #s separate since they're technically different brands even though they're the same truck. Some years Ford does sell the most, but in some they don't. Also I'm pretty sure in those sales #s they include fleet sales which it seems like Ford is probably the most used fleet truck. Seems like you see more GM work trucks though than it used to be and it's roughly about even. Also since Ford gave give that info as a technicality then I prefer GM or even Dodge since in their commercials they say they're the most dependable. I prefer more dependable over most sold. IS GM or Dodge the most dependable? I don't really know, but if people want to go by commercials then go by all of them. It's also said that GM has the least cost of ownership which includes maintenance. Is Ford in general a bad product? No, especially now since they're all the same now when it comes to being dependable with all of the outsourcing they all do. I may sometimes talk sh*t about Ford and sometimes Dodge, but I'm a "Big 3" fan first and then GM. So I would take a Ford or Dodge over an import. So far from what I can tell the only Ford engine that was really bad was the 6.0 Powerstroke. The only real bad thing Ford is doing is pushing the Ecoboosts engines way too hard. They're making it seem like it's some revolutionary engine when it's really just a V6 with 2 tiny little turbos on it. It's not even a bad thing, even though I love V8s. But, what's bad is that they push it as having the power of a V8 and fuel economy of a V6. The truth seems to be that it may have the power of a V8 but it also has the economy of a V8 so you're really not benefiting to anything. I read on another thread on this forum that a guy with I believe the 3.5 Ecoboost said he only get about 10 mpgs when he tows, so that's a lot worse than V8s being put out these days. Then you have the added maintenance of 2 turbos. I'll take a naturally aspirated V8 over a V6 with 2 tiny turbos any days. They're already forcing Ecoboost with having them as the only option in the new gen 2 Raptor and even in the new GT (consumer GT40). So I have a strong feeling that one day you won't be able to get a V8 as an option in the F150s or even in the Mustang, at least in the Mustang GT so you'd have to get a Shelby or Boss or Cobra Jet to get a new V8 Mustang.
  2. I wouldn't mind having them for a little extra insurance, but when I think about it I don't think they're needed. The rim seems to do a pretty good job of covering the hub, especially if you have factory rims since they fit around the hubs the best to help close it off. If you can get them cheap then why not, but I wouldn't worry over not having them. Older vehicles from decades ago may have needed them, but with rims now a days I don't think they're needed.
  3. Well I never changed the headlight mode on my '14, but I also don't remember being confused when going between 2 and 4wd. I guess taking a 1/2 second to look real quick is overrated. If not then feel with your fingers and you can figure out that the 4x4 knob is in the middle and the headlight knob lower and to the right beside the dash brightness dial. Not exactly rocket science.
  4. If you want to talk about gutless then look at the 4.8s in the GMT 900s. I do agree that the stock height on the K2 1500s are lower than they should be. Before them you could tell the difference in the front height between a 2wd and 4x4. With a K2 you can't. The height seems right for a 2wd, but the 4x4s should be if anything 1" taller. That was my first and really only complaint about my '14 other than the 3.08 gears. Maybe I I was just used to a leveled '98. I think the first "mod" I did was take off that valance from the bottom of the bumper. The back end is fine, the front on the 4x4s just need to come up a little so you can at least tell the difference by looking.
  5. Well if the Airaid filter is letting in more air then that means the engine needs more fuel. I would keep the MIT and put a stock filter back in. It will feel the same.
  6. I used to work at a dealer that had all domestic except GMC. It seemed like there wasn't much difference between the Ford trims. You also seemed to have to get an upper trim to get something available in a mid trim of a GM or Dodge. I guess the only good thing about that is that it's easier to not have to pay for a bunch of features that you don't want just to get a feature you do want. Also you seem to get more for what you pay for with a GM or Dodge. I remember both an F250 Platinum selling for the same as a High Country 3500 Dually.
  7. He's talking about that big step that slides out of the tailgate and the big ass pole that folds up as a grab bar. I think GM's corner steps in the bumper are way better. A lot more simple and can be used with the tailgate up or down. With Ford's setup the tailgate has to be down. I normally climb into the bed with the tailgate up. Also I could care less about an automatic tailgate drop. Just one more thing to mess up. They're already light, doesn't need to have an auto open like a lift gate on an SUV.
  8. The only thing I think is ugly on them is the headlights. I've seen a lot worse. I think a trucks look better blocky than with a lot of curves and things rounded. Which is why I prefer the '14-'15 Silverado over the '16+. Also the reason I like the Silverado over the Sierra in most cases, while in other cases I like both almost the same.
  9. Not sure since it's older, but being a commercial truck there's a possibility that it's supposed to take fuel from both at the same time like commercial trucks normally do. If not then it should be a manual switch which at least in the pickups are on the dash.
  10. Being that it was just a squeak I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they're worn out. I've had brand new brakes squeal when wet or in warm weather and I'm sure other times. Now if it's a metal to metal sound then ya they're probably gone. If I were you I would pull the wheels off and just inspect them. I've read plenty on here that it seems like the factory brakes on the K2 1/2 tons seem to last over 100K miles.
  11. Ya you can make money with the F450, but I'd rather spend that 100K on a new Corvette Z06. If I needed a truck that was inbetween a pickup and commercial truck, then I could still get the 450 or 550 without paying nearly that much by just getting a mid level trim. The problem is that it seems like if you want options on a mid trim truck of another brand you have to get a higher trim level with Ford.
  12. Well we are talking about Ford people and I'm sure the only ones that would pay close to that are Ford fanboys. This is a different situation, but I do remember that when the gen 5 Camaro came out, people paid sticker for them with no problem for the first year or so. Also it basically says if you get every option on the highest trim, plus the taxes and fees if you pay sticker it can get to 100K. But, not really all that surprised since a new Cadi Escalade can cost as much before incentives. At least it's the F450 though, so basically a 1 ton dually on steroids. The most I cared to pay for a new truck was my '14 LT which was well equip, but not fully loaded which it had the stuff I liked and didn't have stuff I don't like. That ended up being in the mid 30s. I also don't think I would buy brand new anymore. The only vehicle brand new I'd buy is a Harley and that's because they hold their value so not too worried about losing too much if I had to resale it. Of course I've never bought a truck thinking of resale value, but I'd rather just get used that's less than 5 years old and let the other person lose money by buying it new and the value drop as soon as they drive it away.
  13. Without trying to get scientific, I think it's just demand. I personally like a lot of sidewall, but most seem to want as big of a rim as they can afford no matter how much sidewall they will have. My '83 isn't lifted, but I'm fine with the 16s that are on it and if I lift it I will try to keep the same rims or keep the same diameter at least. The '14 I used to have had 18s with factory tires and that's the least amount of sidewall I would want. It seems like you either have 15s or 20+. Just seems like it's not as much out there from 16 up to 18 from what I've seen.
  14. What you could do is go anywhere that has the setup for seeing what thread a nut or bolt is, walk in there with the antenna and try it until you find the right one. I know Lowe's and Tractor Supply are 2 places I know that has them setup by the fasteners. I know you may get a stare or 2 walking into the store with the antenna off your truck, but if it works it works lol.
  15. I know the leafs on my '14 made noise. But, with the exhaust I had plus playing music I never heard it other than when I didn't have music on and before I had the exhaust done. Also I'm sure it's worse when the bed is empty so the toolbox with hundreds of lbs in it probably dampened the spring so it didn't do it as bad.
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