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  1. I noticed some options at Summit Racing, including offerings from Dorman, Covercraft, Chevrolet Performance, et al. On their website, try searching on the term 'Seat Heater Kit'. You could then consider the reviews from installers and customers to help in your decision. I believe I might have also seen YouTube videos covering installation, if you would care to check there. Please let us know how things work out if you end up installing a system. Best Of Luck.
  2. My 2017 Sierra has this problem, but the dealer refused to apply this fix because they said that the TSB only applies to the 2014 model. Any suggestions?
  3. The dealer told me to take a picture next time it happened to prove that the probem was really occurring. It happened again, but it was at night and the pic didn't come out well in the darkness. FWIW: Since it was nightime, I did notice that the interior lights also failed to turn on when the door was opened. I do believe that this indicts the door-open sensors.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving Guys! Has anyone noticed that the time-of-day clock on the infotainment screen runs significantly behind unless the ignition switch is in the 'run' position? If I shut the truck off without opening a door to kill the accessories, or if the key is in the 'accessory' position, the time displayed is not current (e.g. actual time is 3:00PM, but the clock displays 2:45PM). It updates to current time and displays accurately once I start the truck. The inaccurate reading has bitten me more than once. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anybody know if there is a fix available? Thanks for any input.
  5. Hey Guys, I have a 2017 with the 6.2L and 8 speed. I was occasionally experiencing moderately rough shifts from 1st into 2nd, especially when the truck was cold. When I would pull out of the driveway onto the street in the morning, it would sometimes slam into gear at around 8 MPH under light acceleration. The problem wasn't severe, just an annoyance. Anyway, I recently had it in for service (grease, oil, filter, tire rotation) and asked them to check if there was an update available for the transmission while it was there. When I picked it up, they informed that they did install a software update and advised me that it would be relearning for a while. About half a mile from the dealership, I was stopped at an intersection and waiting for an opening in traffic. When I saw a chance to enter the intersection, I applied the accelerator and experienced hesitation. There was no response to the throttle for about 1 second. The truck then lurched forward and launched me into traffic. It only happened that one time so far, so not sure if it was a temporary problem from the reprogram, or an intermittant condition that might occur again. I haven't noticed the rough shift since the update, but it's too early to tell. I'd rather put up with the rough shift than the hesitation, as the hesitation could be dangerous. Reading through this discussion, it appears that others have had similar experiences.
  6. I would tend to believe that they are Linux based, however, I'm seeing references to entering Win CE via 'Explorer Mode' from within 'Developer Mode'. If you're interested, search on the terms "Intellilink" and "Windows CE" and you'll see what I'm referring to. The following quote is from results of such a search: "In the developer menu, scroll to Explorer Mode, press it and it will launch Windows CE." It is from within this mode that I'm reading of modifications being made. I haven't tried any of this myself, I've just read about it. Happy Hacking... :-)
  7. FWIW: I think I read somewhere that the system is running on an embedded version of Windows (Win CE maybe?). If so, the possibilities for modification (both good and bad) would be rather extensive. I've read elsewhere of changing the graphics, and considerably more. Also, I think the method for entering this mode may have changed with time. On other models, I believe you tapped one of the corners of the screen multiple times and then entered an access code. The code I've seen does not work on my truck, so perhaps this method might. In any case, my friendly advice would be to tread carefully while in this mode, if you do decide to enter it.
  8. Hi Again Guys, I just got my truck back from the dealer on the second visit for this issue. They told me that they can't replicate it. I am not surprised to hear this, since it happens so intermittently. The problem is now happening more often and on both sides of the truck. They also said that they can take no further action without replication. I asked if they could narrow down the problem to a list of probable causes and begin with the least involved solution (i.e. replacing the "Door Open" sensors) and see if it fixed the issue. They said that GM would not allow them to "just throw parts at a situation" and would not cover replacement of the sensors without replication of the problem. Bottom line: they said that they can take no further action without replication of the problem in their shop. I told them that it is dangerous, in that I sometimes step out of the vehicle expecting the steps to be extended when they are not. I'm very disappointed in their "too bad" response. This is a legitimate problem on a very expensive vehicle which is less than a year old and well within warranty. I wanted to ask those who got this problem repaired by sensor replacement what they had to do to get work done? I also wanted to ask if anyone might offer suggestions as to what I might do to get the dealer to take action? They're essentially telling me that GM policy does not allow for repair of intermittent problems that can not be replicated in-house. I just can't accept that response, as I'm sure that plenty of customers experience problems that are intermittent or difficult to replicate. As always, any advice is much appreciated. P.S. If anyone cares to discuss starters or go off on a Ted Kaczynski anti-technology rant, please do it elsewhere this time. You've already sufficiently polluted this discussion. Thanks.
  9. I've hauled 2500 pound pallets of coal in my 1500 Silverado with no problems. You certainly know that it's there, especially when accelerating, braking and turning, so allow yourself some extra time and distance to maneuver. It seemed to ride better if you depalletize the bags and distribute them around the bed. Mine rode pretty low and I wondered if it had bottomed out. But when I climbed into the bed to unload, 225 pounds of me made it sink down even further, so I guess it still had some room to go. Use the Tow/Haul mode on your transmission if so equipped, it really does help. Take it easy and you should be fine.
  10. Just making an observation, but there are a few options that are either only available on the Sierra or installed much more often on Sierra (e.g. MRS, power steps, etc.). However, I'm not sure if those options might be more prone to problems. Also, I believe that Denalis account for a rather significant percentage of Sierras. Being equipped with so many features may amount to more things to potentially go wrong. I'd also consider that they build more Silverados (larger install base), but the Sierras probably tend to be equipped with more options. I think that Denalis account for a larger percentage of Sierras than High Countries do of Silverados. Since they are essentially the same truck, maybe the reliability issues are occurring with the options?
  11. Carwell is oil based and is reddish-brown in color with a lightweight consistency somewhat similar to WD-40. It is applied as an atomized mist like a fog under pressure and it creeps into just about everywhere. The color is not visable when it is applied and it just appears as a thin film of oil on surfaces. I believe the Ziebart product is kinda gummy black and sorta reminds me of driveway sealer. In addition to concerns already mentioned, I'd also worry that it might plug drain holes in body panels. Dirt roads would not concern me. I drive out on the beach and it has not caused problems. Maybe call Carwell and ask them. I found them pretty helpful and easy to deal with.
  12. I can't speak for the company, since I'm not associated with them, but the product has been reported to penetrate existing rust, arrest its progress and even eliminate it. I looked into Ziebart, but read several things that did not inspire confidence. I'd also be reluctant to apply a coating like Ziebart over existing rust, for concern of sealing it in. Suggest you do some reading on their website (carwell.com). Also recommend you read customer reviews elsewhere online to learn more. I'd give priority to effectiveness over cost, especially if you intend to keep the vehicle for the long term. A less expensive treatment that doesn't work well is no bargain. Imagine looking under your truck 10 or 15 years from now and finding it preservred in the condition that it is in today. Not covered in black tar goup, brake lines and fuel lines not rotting out, nuts and fasteners not frozen in place, no rust on every surface inhibiting your ability to perform repairs, etc. I can't predict what conditon the vehicle will be in at some point in the future, but such results have been reported and would be desirable for me. FWIW: The nearest Ziebart is about 5 miles from me and the Carwell location is over 200 miles away. After studying various alternatives, I decided to drive the 200 miles. No regrets so far.
  13. That would be the fee each year as it is a complete reapplication of the product to the entire vehicle, but I believe you're locked in at that rate (it will not increase in the future).
  14. I believe they charge $100 for standard cabs, $110 for extended and $120 for crew. You do need to go back for annual retreatment and they will guarantee no rust as long as you do that.
  15. It's all marketing in my opinion. There are a few niceties that are intentionally made available only on the Sierra (e.g. slightly nicer trim, Magnetic Ride Control, etc.) which kinda justify its existence. For that matter, perhaps the very existence of the entire GMC Division. GM could easily make these features available on the Chevy version of the truck, but they choose not to. Otherwise, why would one consider a more expensive vehicle that is essentially identical to its less expensive counterpart? I was quite happy with my Silverado for many years, however, it was only after I got my Sierra Denali that I truly realized how very special I really am. ;-)
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