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  1. I hear ya, man. I do the same thing. Have you looked at MiniDSP's C-DSP? That's within your price range and gives you much more control than the audiocontrol will. I went with an audiocontrol at first and ended up upgrading to a real DSP and it was the best upgrade I've made, in all honesty.
  2. Welcome to the black hole. It will never stop but the one thing you have to realize is that you're working with an environment that is less than ideal and everyone's vehicle and design/layout will yield different results. Also, everyone has different taste and preferences when it comes to sound so get to where you're happy while understanding that it won't be perfect.
  3. I cannot say that for certain because previous model required brackets. If you want to fit new door speakers in the front, you should contact Metra and confirm for the 6x9 but you will need the following: - 6x9 = Metra 82-3004 - 6 1/2 = Metra 82-3005 They are very good at confirming fitment and responding in a timely manner. I know for certain that the 6 1/2 is bracket is the correct part but just confirm the 6x9. Don't rely solely on information you read online, just reach out to companies that manufacturer products for our trucks. Best way to make sure you don't get burned. Hope this helps
  4. If you back through this discussion then you will pictures and measurements that I posted. You can fit 6.5"s in the doors with the correct speaker brackets and as for the dash, it is identical to previous years so keep in mind that you may need to trim depending on the speaker you decide. I flush mounted my tweeters in the sails and have been very happy with my setup
  5. Dam, I definitely don't have any of those issues. I don't understand how Rough Country said "it's normal". The only thing I dislike about the kit is that it HAS to be used with the factory struts. Really wish I could move over to something a tad stiffer in the front later on but that is really my only complain and even then, I still highly recommend it. If you will spend a lot of time off road, looks elsewhere because it isn't made for that but then again, I don't think many people will even get close to anything "off-road". I have already gone through some back trails to do some sightseeing and it did fine. Just FYI
  6. That's the truck on a 4 inch ReadyLift with 17x35s Falken Wildpeaks
  7. I've always liked the bigger sidewall on my trucks because of looks and it's just more practical for me. If I need to fit in a real tight spot then all I have to do is push up against the curb. Plus, one less thing to worry about when the Mrs. takes it out lol. The one thing I do have to say made a massive contribution was switching over from Toyo At2 extremes to the Falken wildpeak AT3W. My first batch of them had a pulsation issue that they deemed was a warranty issue and my second batch is golden. The ride compared to my old 17x35 toyo at2's is night and day. So much smoother, less noise, and wet traction is a ton better. I loved my Toyos but riding with these, I realize that they were too hard a tire which in turn would cause them to have poor wet performance.
  8. So I'm using the factory shocks. Something I'm not a fan of but Bilstein and Procomp had yet to come out with any factory replacement shocks for our truck so I stuck with it. I do feel that rear needs to be stiffened but for overall ride quality, I have to say it's the smoothest one I've driven yet. It's a combination of the better construction on these trucks and I have 0 complaints about the quality of ReadyLift's suspension. Now, I did have some installation issues where they sent me an incorrect batch of screws and I did have to go back and replace hardware for the correct pieces but that was something they resolved immediately, even though I did have to dish out more lift rental time. Sometimes things like that happen and they fixed the issue right away so can't complain.
  9. I've been super happy with my ReadyLift 4" lift. No issues with angles and only slight rubbing at full lock in reverse with 35s on 17s. Rides really smooth and even though I prefer a stiffer suspension on a lifted truck, I have 0 complaints. Install was pretty cake too.
  10. Really don't feel like it should be a problem. Many folks here tap their signal wires off the bose and have been able to update. Just my 2 cents but I really don't think that would cause a failed update. How do you know you are getting codes, check engine light? Unplugging the battery for a bit and letting everything reset may clear and allow you to force the update. From a technical perspective, I can't imagine an amplifier stating "no load" would cause that. Worst case scenario, throw stock speakers back in and plug them in but I would try another dealership before I went through that hassle.
  11. Updated price to $220 shipped as I had a local purchase one of the tunes. This will come with 2 tuning license now
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