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  1. Go for the Philips LED Bulbs. They are extremely bright and match other LED's pretty accurately. Check the post below for pictures. 194 should be the license plate and the reverse should still be 921's (somebody can confirm). https://www.amazon.com/Philips-Xtreme-Vision-X-tremeUltinon-6000K/dp/B00OYT1322/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=philips+921&qid=1553107837&s=automotive&sr=1-9#customerReviews
  2. 2019 Silverado Speaker Level Audio Tap

    If you still have too much confusion, you will want to tap behind the headunit. I am still waiting to take delivery of my truck in order to begin my stereo upgrade but there is a good chance that the schematics have not changed. If you want to get behind your headunit and send me a picture, I can go ahead and cross reference a wiring diagram for the headunit and tell you which to tap. Edit: Also, you can always just pop off the door panels and confirm/tap speaker wiring from there.
  3. Still waiting on delivery of my truck. Got out of production on Monday and expected delivery of April so who knows at this point. I'm really curious to know whether the old boxes fit or not. I haven't even seen the back floor to compare to the old trucks but I can't imagine it being too different. Regardless, a custom box will be made but that will save me a big hassle of waiting on a box to install. Any box measurements or measurements of rear floor to edge of seat would be appreciated. I am just dying to get the truck and start tearing it apart to see what needs to be fabricated. Deadening and wire runs should only take a day but getting speakers fitted in the dash and sails/a pillars might be a mission.
  4. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    Good find but I just spoke to BDS and they cannot confirm whether a 17 inch wheel will fit. He said they may have only had a 20 inch wheel to test but that they could let me know later on. CST said there are new lifts being released in 4-6 weeks but couldn't say whether it would be a 4.5", a 6" or both so that will be another good option.
  5. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    So the ProComp lift is out of the question for me because you can only run 20" or larger rims with it. I have to get in contact with BDS to confirm if this is the case with theirs as well but from the looks of it, they won't fit anything smaller than a 20" wheel as well.
  6. Just out of curiosity, is there any difference in the layout of the backseat with the seats up? Trying to figure out whether it was altered or not. Maybe the sub setups from the previous trucks will fit without an issue but I honestly haven't even seen the back of one to determine if its true.
  7. Lol, that was my exact email in reply to them and they said that they are exactly the same. According to their spec sheet, the new trucks have 6x9 doors and 2 inch dash speakers. Just FYI, but they did confirm that those parts fit the new trucks and there is no confusion with the 1500 and 1500 LD models.
  8. Here is the email from Metra regarding speaker brackets. From what I can tell, they are the exact same brackets off the 2014. "Thanks for contacting Metra support. Using the downloadable Metra Application Guide that we have speaker adapters, and the speaker harnesses for a 19 Silverado. Front Door: 82-3004 and 72-4572 Rear door: 82-3010 and 72-4572 I am going to forward this information onto vehicle fit guide team, and have the online system updated to match this information."
  9. Ended up in an absolute mess with GM to the point where we had to order a new truck for production. It is going to be a while before I get mine but I can try to help anyone willing to get started on an audio upgrade. Subwoofer boxes was something i was thinking about yesterday and I have not approached anyone in regards to building a new box for our trucks. Fortunately, the box from my 2014 will drop right in and do for now but it won't fit as it should. It would only be a temporary fit as I find all the rattles and have an appropriate box built. Let me see what I can find on speaker sizes.
  10. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    Thanks for the input! Anything complaints about it so far (e.g. Noises, creaks, swaying, vibration, etc.)? I have been leaning more towards ProComp mainly because they offer a powertrain warranty which means they took the time to engineer it properly and get the geometry correct. I'm not saying rough country didn't but procomp has a one up where they guarantee it.
  11. So since these trucks are still new, there are limited options out for those looking to lift it. This section will focus ONLY on 6 inch and up lifts for 4WD trucks. I decided to put together a list of kits that are currently available as of today. Below you can find links to each individual kit along with some basic information for easier reference. So if you're coming here to bash a company and their product, you better back it up because going off other peoples opinions without having any supporting information is not considered a discussion. If you think one kit is better than the other, explain why you believe that. The only kit I really see an issue with is the Fabtech 6" basic system lift. They're using a weird strut spacer they designed in the front and I really don't think that will hold up to abuse. As of now, I am looking at the ProComp kit and the Rough Country kit as all these kits are almost spitting images of each other. Thoughts? ROUGH COUNTRY Lift Height: 6" Price: $1,399.95 Part #: 21730 PROCOMP W/ ES9000 Rear Shocks Lift Height: 6" Price: $1,799.99 Part #: K1175B W/ Pro Runner Rear Shocks Lift Height: 6" Price: $1,863.99 Part #: K1175B BDS SUSPENSION Lift Height: 6" Price: $1,996.73 Part #: 764H FABTECH Basic System w/ Rear Performance Shocks Lift Height: 6" Price: $1,899.51 Part #: K1132 Basic System w/ Rear Stealth Shocks Lift Height: 6" Price: $1,981.07 Part #: K1132M Performance System w/ Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilovers Lift Height: 6" Price: $3,719.60 Part #: K1133DL Performance System w/ Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilovers Lift Height: 6" Price: $4,155.50 Part #: K1134DL
  12. Wiper blade upgrades?

    So the wipers that came from factory on the 14 - 18's were actually really good. Many people faulted them but I tried multiple aftermarket models and the factory wipers were always superior, go figure. Like me, the problem may be with your windshield itself, especially given the fact that your truck is new. I would give them windshield a really good clean with something like this and then clay bar the windshield. Follow that up with another cleaning just for good measure. Also be sure to clean your wiper blades with some water and soap and then a couple passes of a cloth with some alcohol across the rubber blade before putting them back down. This is normal of new cars and everyone is quick to believe its the wipers that are faulty, and I don't blame them, but you will have to make sure that the windshield on the truck you purchased which was exposed to elements for a few months without cleaning or use is not the culprit. If you drag your finger across your windshield and it feels tacky or gritty, you have your answer but doing this never hurts. Hope this helps!
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Thanks for the insight. I mean, that's what I had originally thought but I have it in writing with GM telling me they have no authority over a vehicle that was selected for the buyback process and was altered after it was designated so if that's the case, the lawsuit should be a breeze but it will contain every single cost associated with the issue down to mileage incurred for searching for a replacement vehicle. I just want to get out of this damn truck already.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    So time for another update. I picked out a truck at the dealership and GM began doing the paperwork for the contract. On February 1st, I got the offer from GM and need to sign and return it for them to begin processing it and it would be 4 days before I was in the new truck. Looking over the paper work, there was an additional $1700 charge for "aftermarket parts". I contacted the GM representative and he said that is what the dealership provided and that the truck has aftermarket side steps, bed liner, and wheel locks. I told him that isn't correct because I even have pictures of the truck without the items when I originally picked it out. Well, looks like the dealership tried to make some money on the deal and I refused to pay for them so now we are back to square one. I tried asking GM if they could tell the dealership to take the parts off and they said "Unfortunately, because they’re their own entity and separate from GM, we can’t make them do that." I told GM I would be willing to order a truck and the representative told me that because this went through the BBB, the process is a bit complicated and GM generally doesn't allow people to order trucks. To get that processed, they would have to set me back up with original lady who was my first point of contact at GM, and was an absolute nightmare to work with, for her to approve it and tell me my next steps. I still have not heard back from GM after countless calls since last week so I am done with this and will being pursuing a full lawsuit against GM. Just thought those looking to go into the buyback process would like some insight on how GM handles their customers.

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