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  1. So I left this for the last minute thinking it couldn't take too long to get measurements and finally got a gap between afternoon showers. Well, i was totally wrong. Going to have to plan this out for a day where I have more time because there is some serious steps to getting to those damn speakers. I will post back once I get to it but for reference, see the steps required and their corresponding document ID's below. Radio control assembly removal 1. Remove instrument panel trim (5002230) 2. Remove floor console extension panels (5001357, 5001302) 3. Remove console cup holder trim plate (5001449) 4. Remove instrument panel lower trim (5001641) 5. Remove radio control assembly (5020726) Front left speaker grille removal 1. Unplug negative battery terminal (SIR System) 2. Remove left side A pillar molding (5132920) 3. Remove left side instrument panel fuse block access hole cover (5000747) 4. Remove left side instrument panel pad (5000836) 5. Remove front left speaker grille (5004265) Front right speaker grille removal 1. Remove right side A pillar molding (5132920) 2. Remove right side instrument panel fuse block access hole cover (5000747) 3. Remove glove box (5027467) 4. Remove right side instrument panel trim pad (5002584)
  2. Finally took delivery of the truck and I will start tearing it down this weekend for measurements to verify fitment. The shop that usually tunes my system will be doing the amp rack because seeing the work Nick put into that high country makes me not want to bother with it. Sound deadening and adding the MLV will probably take the bulk of my time but I can trace out copies of the finished shape for anyone that will want to add MLV which should save you a ton of time. The dash speakers are what I am worried about because I don't want custom pillars so I will have to see if I can fit my current AP drivers in there or have to go another route. Should have a bunch of info and pictures up this weekend
  3. 2019 Silverado Speaker Level Audio Tap

    Are you using an SMD DD-1 to match input voltage to amplifier? Ideally, we want to know where the factory headunit distorts. In my 2014, I had no distortion across the entire volume range so that was a big plus. We need to figure out what your max volume is before distortion. From there, you match your the input gain on your amplifier to match the output voltage of your headunit at that max volume before distortion. Another thing to check is for bass roll off. The factory headunit could be automatically rolling off the bass at higher volumes to protect the speakers but a shop with the right tools will need to check for that. I really wish I had my truck to get started on this. Just FYI, I am not saying you don't know how to do this but I am trying to describe it in detail for others who are reading the post and are inexperienced with car audio so please don't think I am challenge your knowledge here. Just out of curiosity, what is amp and sub are you running? Simply changing the speakers does help, but it is not super drastic. Changing out the wideband in the dash probably makes the biggest change to the system. As for the phone issue, it happened once in my 2018 since I upgraded to the Galaxy S10+. Since then, it has not done it. It very well may be a Android Pie issue but from what I have heard, the 2019's already have a handful of software update recalls that need to be addressed so I would look into that. Check with your dealership to see if your vehicle has any pending recalls.
  4. I have been in contact with Steven over at SubThump in order to see if he can make my new subwoofer fit and it will not without a seat lift. He said these trucks have about 3 more inches of lift on the rear seats compared to the previous generation. For those that already have the truck, do you feel a difference in the height of the seat? Meaning, do you feel closer to the headliner or do you think it can handle a seat lift?
  5. Shake or Vibration Issues

    For what its worth, I still have not had my 2018 replaced. After choosing a 2019, I waited another 2 weeks for GM to finalize the process and then come to find out that the dealership decided to add a bunch of aftermarket parts to the truck AFTER it was designated for me as a GM repurchase. GM said there was absolutely nothing they can do and they went back to square one. The gentlemen from the GM repurchasing department only handles the contractual end of the repurchase but he was phenomenal, always keeping me in the loop and responding as soon as he could so I have absolutely no complaints. The problem was that I not had to go back to the GM customer service rep who was helping me and neither the gm repurchasing rep, nor myself, were able to get a hold of her for over 2 weeks. I finally had enough and spoke with my attorney. I notified BBB that I had not heard back and legal action was going to be pursued if I had not heard back that week. I decide to call GM and ask the GM customer service rep's supervisor. Low and behold the lady was fired and no longer with GM. There must of been absolutely no process of handing off her accounts after termination because even the people within GM had no idea she was laid off. The supervisor heard me out, promised me a call back within two days, and told me it would be handled. Got a call the next day from the new person managing my case and she was very nice and attentive. By the end of the day, she had arranged all the necessary documentation from the dealership and given me permission to order a vehicle. My ordered vehicle was out of production on 3/11 and it has not shipped yet so it could be another month in the Shakerado but we will see. After this experience, I can tell you for certain that I will never purchase another new GM product. I am not saying that another manufacturer will be better but I can tell you from experience how stressful this entire process has been and it is only because of GM and their team. Just my .02
  6. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    Unfortunately, I did not end up purchasing any options because I was on the fence about keeping the truck but I did decide on the Hellwig Helper Springs. I just wanted it there for when I needed it and it seemed like the best option. A few folks here had them so I would recommend searching it up and reaching out to them if you can't resolve your ride quality. Also, try contacting Air Lift and see what they say.
  7. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    Search around because I believe your issue is directly related to the bags you chose. I remember seeing comments like yours with specific models when I was searching for a set for my truck.
  8. My truck was out of production on 3/10 and it is still in Mexico, as of today, waiting to be shipped with no ETA. Dealer said they don't know what the delay is and they won't have an ETA until it ships but it could take 3-4 weeks depending on whether it comes by boat or rail.
  9. My truck is in the middle of a GM buyback and I won't be needing any of this anymore. All parts came off a 2018 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab (Short bed). Larger stuff will be for local pick-up in South Florida only and there will be no exceptions for that. I will continue to add more parts as I find them and pictures once I can but if you want more information or pictures right away, please send me a PM. BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover (Part # 226120) - $550 (Local pick-up ONLY) (2) Image Dynamics IDQ10 V.4 D4's in a Sealed downfire enclosure by Sound Off Audio - $550 (Local pick-up ONLY) (2) Image Dynamics ID10 V.3 D4's in a Sealed downfire enclosure by Sound Off Audio - $250 (Local pick-up ONLY) Sundown Audio SAZ-1200D Amplifier - $350 Shipped Pair of Tang Band 28-2176S Tweeters - BNIB $45 shipped Husky Floor Liner's for Front (Part # 53111) - $70 Shipped
  10. Go for the Philips LED Bulbs. They are extremely bright and match other LED's pretty accurately. Check the post below for pictures. 194 should be the license plate and the reverse should still be 921's (somebody can confirm). https://www.amazon.com/Philips-Xtreme-Vision-X-tremeUltinon-6000K/dp/B00OYT1322/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=philips+921&qid=1553107837&s=automotive&sr=1-9#customerReviews
  11. 2019 Silverado Speaker Level Audio Tap

    If you still have too much confusion, you will want to tap behind the headunit. I am still waiting to take delivery of my truck in order to begin my stereo upgrade but there is a good chance that the schematics have not changed. If you want to get behind your headunit and send me a picture, I can go ahead and cross reference a wiring diagram for the headunit and tell you which to tap. Edit: Also, you can always just pop off the door panels and confirm/tap speaker wiring from there.
  12. Still waiting on delivery of my truck. Got out of production on Monday and expected delivery of April so who knows at this point. I'm really curious to know whether the old boxes fit or not. I haven't even seen the back floor to compare to the old trucks but I can't imagine it being too different. Regardless, a custom box will be made but that will save me a big hassle of waiting on a box to install. Any box measurements or measurements of rear floor to edge of seat would be appreciated. I am just dying to get the truck and start tearing it apart to see what needs to be fabricated. Deadening and wire runs should only take a day but getting speakers fitted in the dash and sails/a pillars might be a mission.
  13. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    Good find but I just spoke to BDS and they cannot confirm whether a 17 inch wheel will fit. He said they may have only had a 20 inch wheel to test but that they could let me know later on. CST said there are new lifts being released in 4-6 weeks but couldn't say whether it would be a 4.5", a 6" or both so that will be another good option.

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