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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Update: Finally got the call from GM's repurchasing department and it looks like it is still another two weeks before this is over. I am no longer dealing with the BBB or GM customer service, it is a completely different department that works with the dealership to establish the offer. Just in case anybody was wondering.
  2. I am still waiting on GM to finalize the paperwork on my buyback. Once that is done and I switch out my 2018 for the 2019, I will go ahead and tear out the headunit. I have the ability to pull technical documents and manuals so I can do that when I get home.
  3. It is probably just clipped in. You're just not pulling hard enough because you're scared of breaking it. Unfortunately, I still don't have my 2019 yet so I cannot help you but I would recommend you try again and this time, see if you get any outward play when trying to pull it out. That will tell you if you're missing a screw or if it's just clipped in and you're not pulling hard enough. I will be posting up a bunch of DIY removal videos once I take delivery.
  4. For the average person, the bose system will be more than enough but for an audiophile, it needs to go and the only thing it does is complicate the integration of an aftermarket system due to the added amplifier and wiring schematics. If you will never touch your sound system, go for the bose and I am positive you will be happy. If you know you're going to modify the sound system, avoid the bose system and save yourself the hassle.
  5. Changing the speakers will be a very mild upgrade. You'll gain some clarity but you still have to deal with the door speakers playing such a large frequency range. Without a subwoofer to handle the lower frequencies, you may struggle to find suitable speakers that can operate efficiently with the low rms output of the headunit. If you want to throw in just an amp and subwoofer, you can yluse something like the AudioControl LC7i to switch to an active system and relieve the door speakers of the lower frequency range so they can play better. That is the cheapest route I would recommend.
  6. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I have had a few people message me regarding the process so I am just going to post it here. GM is offering me to get out of my truck and into a new truck off the lot. So what's the catch? Well, I am having to pay almost $3000 out-of-pocket for 'usage'. The formula for this is (miles / 120,000 * purchase price). FYI, the purchase price is NOT the price after incentives, its the MSRP without them, go figure. So right off the bat, I am out $3000. I am allowed to trade into a truck with the same, or less, MSRP as my truck when I purchased it. If the MSRP of the new truck is more than my old one, I must pay the difference + taxes on the difference. What sucks is that the all LT models are now in the $50k range with basic options so it looks like I would have to put more out-of-pocket if I want to get into a 2019 with similar options. With that said, I have yet to completely accept the offer because I am trying to figure out how I can make this work without screwing me. Also found out that this process will take about another 2 months so I can't even find a truck on the lot and leave a down payment. I will just have to hope there is a truck I like sitting on that lot in 2 months and is within budget. Because of this, I tried to pre-order a truck with my configuration that also stays within budget. The dealership said all I need is GM to agree to letting me wait on a new truck because the new truck would take 10 weeks to deliver. He said GM has done it before, but its not a common request. With what I know now, I advise you to open a BBB case ASAP with the lowest possible miles as soon as you feel your truck is a lemon and will qualify for days out of service or repair attempts. I would have saved myself a lot of cash because they go off the mileage you entered during the initial BBB case opening and then lock in that mileage once the is settled. Doesn't matter if you add another 10k miles until you get your new truck, you're locked into the mileage entered on the BBB case during initial filing. Hope this helps.
  7. GM will be repurchasing my 2018 and I will be going into a 2019. I had done a massive system upgrade on my 2014 and was hoping to transfer that into my 2018 before it was plagued with issues. Now, I am looking to go into a 2019 and will be changing out the sound system as well so I was wondering if anyone had already started this. I did a write-up on the 2014-2018 non-bose systems and I have no issue doing another DIY write-up and tear down of the truck but it is a lot of work when there is no information available and I have to resolve everything on my own. From what I can see, still offering two systems: standard 6 speaker and the BOSE system. With that said, I cannot imagine too big of a difference in the wiring schematics but I could be wrong. Understanding how panels and clips are held in are also another obstacle. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I will start tearing it down as soon as I have most of the information I need.
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Thanks! Trust me, I am not leaving with a truck until I get up to 85 on the highway with no shake. Even the slightest vibration will be a no for me. My biggest problem is finding one I like because I really hate the look of the 2019's but it looks like I may go with an all black LT trail boss but we will see. I need to see how it rides first.
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    So this will be my final post on this thread. GM just called stating that they will be replacing my truck. I wanted them to buy it back but that is what they offered and I am not about to play the long game on this. I will be trading up to a 2019, don't even care that the truck isn't the most appealing to me BUT it will have a higher resale value and will minimize the amount of issues that stem from the '14-'18 models. I feel I got lucky with this offer from them so I took it, not taking the risk.
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    For reference, the highest trade-in appraisal I have gotten was $35k with 7k miles on it. The way things are going, I am looking at trading it in on another used truck (never going back to GM) to minimize the loss. This is the only solution I see because GM is going to give me the runaround and there is nothing I can do about it. I have bigger things to worry about than playing a game of cat and mouse with GM. I am just gonna accept that their service is the worst and come to terms with the loss on the truck. I am so unhappy with the truck that I dread driving it every single morning. Losing a few thousand dollars to be happy is the route that has become more appealing at this point. I was going to try and repair on my own but if I even touch it, GM will throw it back in my face and this would have been for nothing so it is what it is.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Foreal. GM is now having me switch dealers. I already filed with BBB and just need to get all the service records over to them.
  12. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Just an update on my 2018 LT Z71. I am nearing 60 days at the dealership without the issue resolved. GM customer relations is involved and I have an open case with them. Unfortunately, GM has been the worst experience I have ever had with any business. I picked up my truck on November 9th after they said that they road force balanced the tires and that the vibration was now gone. Service manager that was reporting to GM for the case and the tech both said that there was no vibration. Well, that vibration was not gone. In fact, it has not gotten any better than when I dropped it off. I noticed that they did rotate the tires because I had secretly labeled them but that's all. They keep just balancing and rotating the tires and it is just ridiculous at this point. I tried contacting GM since November 9th and I JUST got a hold of the lady handling my case...yesterday....21 days later! Then she said she is waiting for the GM engineers recommendation for her to tell me what they can offer me for my case and it would take up to 72 hours...meaning she never touched my case until her supervisor got me in touch with her yesterday. On another note, I went to Ford to go and trade in my truck but I end up losing way too much money and it isn't worth it but on another note, the Ford F-150 drives WAY nicer than this bucket. I mean, I was a big Chevy guy but you can't argue that it's just an all around better truck with a much better engine and transmission that doesn't slam into gears like this thing so I will definitely be looking at a Ford next time around. For now, I am not sure what to do because they are saying the truck's vibration is "WITHIN SPEC" but that's not the case when the techs drive it and go "Oh yeah, I feel the vibration through the steering wheel and the pedal". So what do I do because I really want to file for Lemon Law but if the results are saying its "WITHIN SPEC", won't they just shut me down and I would have just wasted the time and money to file? Went to the dealership today to drive it with the Service Manager again and he said he was too busy and would be on vacation all of next week so here we go again, back to getting the runaround. Any advice would be helpful as ideally, I would love to trade it in for another manufacturer and at this point, GM offering me another Silverado is the last thing I want because their customer service has just been horrendous. Anyone here filed for Lemon Law even though the dealership says their pico scope readings are "WITHIN SPEC"? Also, why the hell are the measuring at the seat rails? I feel like that must be a reinforced portion of the body in order to withstand a crash so if they are reading from there, wouldn't it technically dumb down the reading? Just lost at this point, any info helps because I dread driving my truck every single day and I pray for the day it gets stolen or totaled.
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    So far, I've owned the truck for 63 days and it just completed its 49th day in service. Vibration has gotten better from the countless road force balances and but now it's in the steering wheel where I feel it the most. I am starting to think that the Z71suspension and tire package is contributing to alot of what I am feeling. Regardless, swallow your pride and buy something else. I still haven't washed my truck once because I haven't had it in my possession long enough.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Figured I would post here in case anyone was wondering whether or not the '18 trucks had the issue or not. Bought my truck on July 27th. It's a 2018 1500 LT Z71 with 18" wheels,6 speed and 3.42 rear end. My previous truck never had the shake even running a 7 inch lift and 35's and now I have a brand new $50k truck that rides worse than my lifted truck. Drove the truck on the highway 4 days later and there was a vibration that felt like an out of balance tire. Called dealership and they said put 500 miles on it and then take it in because it could be flat spots. Figured it was probably the tires because I had been working the deal on this exact truck for over a month so it had been there for a bit. Took it in, they did a road force balance and said technician didn't feel vibrations. Picked it up and it actually feels worse so now it begins. Seriously regretting going back into a silverado after the issues on my '14 but that's my fault for not liking other trucks. Do anyways, just using this to document a bit because I'm not dealing with this by any means and I won't take it from the dealership until it is fixed. Feels like mine is milder than others have experienced but it is so annoying that I end up driving with the radio off trying to pinpoint where it's coming from. Sucks when I drive 100 miles a day on highway and cruise between 70 and 85, right where it shakes. Attached some videos below of my truck.

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