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  1. DiabloSport inTune i2 I2030 with 2 unlocked GM licenses

    Updated price to $220 shipped as I had a local purchase one of the tunes. This will come with 2 tuning license now
  2. How the hell did you get that mounted? I have been trying to change out my subs but have gotten a lot of pushback due to mounting depths. 6" appears to be what fabricators are calling max mounting depth before needing a seat lift and the W7's are at 8" of mounting depth plus almost another inch for excursion. Did you end up having to do a seat lift? Need details!
  3. Old AP drivers test fitting. I will have my fabricator make a bracket to secure it and that's all. Audiofrog gb25s should drop in though
  4. Finally got around to getting some measurements. So the measurements for the dash speakers and opening are as follows: Hole mounting distance = 3.5 inches Dash opening = 2 5/8 inches I was able to fit my massive audible physics drivers in there after some trimming. Way easier to trim than the previous years and was able to get it done with just a razor. Just opened up the diameter a bit and opened a slot for the speaker terminals.
  5. Let's see how they respond to the hub centric rings being installed tomorrow.
  6. It could be but I was able to come across people with very similar issues as mine which leads me to believe it's the tires themselves. Even falken reached out saying it could be an out of round tire and they're ready to warranty it which leads me to believe they've had similar issues with the tire. https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/falken-wildpeak-issues.600057/
  7. Nope, no shudder. Trust me lol all good there
  8. Rings were just ordered and they'll be here Friday and installed Saturday. And Yea, running aftermarket wheels on the new body style.
  9. Recently put on some 35x12.50R17 Falken Wildpeak AT3W's and the truck has developed this pulsation like feel throughout the entire chassis. The issue was not there the day I drove to get them mounted and it started just after I through the new wheels and tires on. The wheels and tires were road force balanced by a local shop and they said there were no issues. They also labeled the tires with the recommended mounting location on the truck. You can feel it in the wheel and through the chassis but its not necessarily a vibration of a tire feeling out of balance. The issue starts at 60 mph and smooths out the faster I go but it is annoying as hell. This is not my first all terrain tire but it is the first time I have run the Wildpeaks. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with these tires and how you fixed the issue because aside from this issue, these tires are way above the Toyo AT2 Extremes and KO2's I have run.
  10. So it's still 78.1? Really thought it would have changed being a completely new Truck. Not going for spacers, only hub centric rings to center aftermarket wheels on hubs
  11. Want to get some hub centric rings made and was wondering if anyone knew the factory hub diameter on these new trucks. Thanks
  12. Up for sale is my DiabloSport inTune i2 I2030. This tuner will come with 2 unlocked GM licenses for you to use. Works perfectly fine and is completely up to date. With 2 licenses, you can tune your truck and just sell it without losing a dime. Picked up a 2019 and don't have a use for this anymore. Please don't hit me with lowball offers. Each additional GM license was $100 alone. If you only need a single license then use it and sell it to a buddy, or charge him for a tune. Price is $220 shipped to contiguous US.

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