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  1. My favorite, thanks for sharing. I love OEM and I just ordered this truck in the same color. Love the chore rims
  2. Ok so maybe a little buyers remorse. I ordered a 2021 cayenne red Denali with the 6.2, Carbon bed and black rims. Beautiful truck don’t get me wrong I’ve been dying for the 6.2. My worry is will i miss my trade in. A 2019 RAM limited with an absolutely amazing interior and ride. And my favorite option of all a 33 gallon gas tank. I haven’t kept a truck more than 2 years. And always go back and forth between Ram and Chevy (this will Be my first GMC) but no difference really, you get the point.
  3. What exhaust and CAI come with the performance upgrade package from GMC? Thanks
  4. My apologies for th high jack. BUT any idea if 2015 4” Oem running boards will fit on a 2020 crew cab Thanks all
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