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  1. My passenger side tow mirror does this as well - when I pull out of my heated garage drive to work in the morning park hit the fold it either doesn’t go or only goes partial. I have to cycle it a time or two for it to fold all the way in. We have similar temps in the frequently below 0 and then in the low single digits or teens.
  2. I'm curious I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ Z71 - I was reading the Q&A on 1A Auto on the power-fold set they offer and there was a mention of a light on the dash coming on due to an open short if I were to install the set is this true would I see a light come on due to the memory, auto dim, and park assist functions not being used?
  3. There are two kits right now that GM is offering as a kit both of which are NOT the Power Fold Tow mirrors they offer the non folding mirrors in both the black and the chrome. The only way to get the power fold mirrors is to order the mirrors individually...
  4. Other way around they are only adjustable up and down not side to side
  5. Wanna sell those mirrors or trade Gabe63? Where you located?!
  6. If I recall there was somebody else that wanted to do this exact thing and it wasn't as simple as sourcing the parts. I believe the signal comes from the BCM and there's no way to re-program it...but I could be mistaken I'll have to do some looking to find the thread.
  7. It is not 100% plug and play the mirrors will powerfold, adjust, and turn signals will work but the front ambers and back up lights will not.
  8. Zip code? Pm if you'd like so I can figure shipping
  9. I completely understand and is why I didn't want to low ball offer you! Good luck with your sale!
  10. I'd be interested in them...what's your bottom dollar? I don't want to low ball or offend you...you can PM me if you'd prefer
  11. You should of named it projectRMK or projectASSAULT
  12. Yes you can switch....Which mirrors do you have? I may be interested in switching with you!
  13. Rivnut? Pretty straight forward with the correct tool...
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