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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I was running 275/70r18 KO2's on my 2014 with 1.75" strut spacers from readylift and had 0 rubbing. 275/70R18 translation is (275mm * 0.7 aspect * 2 (top & bottom) * 1 in / 25.4 mm) + 18 in for rim size. Come out to a total of 33.16" total height. You should be good with anything under 33.4" height and 285 width.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I actually did think about doing that. Never done any vinyl, how involved is it?
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just finished getting the suspension, and a couple of other goodies finished up. Air dam comes off tonight. Pictures are bone stock vs now.

    Same issue on my end @Kevin_nj. I haven't heard anything in almost 2 weeks after the order was labeled complete in MRT's system.
  5. FS: Westin Bull Bar

    Is this one of the models that requires the tow hooks to be removed?
  6. Funny story... 20 year old kid road raged and hit my silverado from behind doing 65 on the interstate. Rode my hitch up his hood and it eventually cracked his windshield. I got a new bumper and hitch... he got a new car.
  7. Ck162 wheel package for sale (A/T tires, only 2k miles)

    Nice to see someone else from Buffalo. If I hadn't just gotten 33" KO2's I would be all over this. Good luck with sale.
  8. Its not bad. remember that you'll be ~5.0% - 6.0% off on your speedo, fuel mileage, and odometer. Basically, multiply your displayed mpg by 1.05 to get the true number; and you'll get 5.0% free miles on your odometer since the truck doesn't know the difference between the tires. As far as the speedo; tyou should fall somewhere between these two charts
  9. Steve, I do about 3500 miles every month... I lost between 0.8-1.4 around town; probably about 0.5 - 1.0 on the highway; where I fill up makes a difference. Well worth the extra cost. I've also seen that I almost never get over 18 on my display on the highway and don't see v4 very often. I made a couple other changes as well, but I think the accumulation of effects to my gas milage is worth it. I didn't buy a truck to cry about an extra 5 gallons of gas every month. I bought it to go fishing, hunting, and to make fun of every person who drives a Prius.
  10. There should be about 1.9" difference in wheel well height from front to back on a stock 4x4 Z71. Mine is just slightly raked. You should be fine; it looks great. BFG all the way. The difference between 265/70 and 275/70 is going to be 2*7mm = 14mm aka 0.55" in diameter. If you are concerned about clearance, go with the 265.
  11. Do you have a Z71 at stock height? I have mine up 1.75" in the front (Leveling Kit); and I am running BFG KO2 275/70r18's. Everything is beautiful as far as clearance. I personally think you would have no potential problems going to a 275/65r18 or 265/70r18. 275/70r18 may be close, but I think you'll probably be fine.
  12. Yeti Protection

    Thanks guys. I think I may run a chain through pipe, and weld covers to the ends to cover the entire shackle on both locks. Makes it so that they would need more than bolt cutters to steal it.
  13. Just got my Yeti 75 today. Wondering if anyone has a good way to secure these things in a truck bed. The lock Yeti has for sale doesn't exactly look trustworthy; I am looking for something a little more robust. If you have the sudden urge to tell me it belongs in my cab, or how unnecessary the purchase is that I just made; please refrain. Any suggestions are welcome!
  14. I had AT3's on my 2001 for the past two sets. They were great tires. Drove a friend's with KO2's in the snow (I live in Buffalo, NY) and loved it. I just bought a set of KO2's that arent even on my truck yet. My only complaint with the AT3's was that they wore faster than the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors I had before that.

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