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  1. 8 speed transmission ?

    44k on my 2017 8 speed 5.3 with no issues be nice to it for the first few shifts in the morning and runs great all day.
  2. Hopefully you just had a fluck of a fuel pump does happen. Can't say i had the same issue but i never cared for the cap less filler. im from the Midwest and drive on a lot of back roads and gravel and i ended up just going to lowes and getting a pipe cover 2.5 will fit good and snug won't fall off by no means keep the filling area clean and don't see it causing issues now in my opinion.. Plus if you're from a area that gets snow it will at least keep the hole cover so when that area get filled with snow water won't be getting water in to the system as well. Only does that in blizzard and 40 mph winds at least in my experience. GM does make a locking cover but it a bit of a pain and lock breaks very easy missed the old set up on that one.
  3. For reference i haven't had much luck with those they work great when they do work but it plastic and is bit brittle. The cap is a good idea especially if you you're wanting a locking one. lt just need to be made better.
  4. Nope there isn't just a updated part number but the cap it self is the same. wouldn't waste the money lock is really cheap breaks easy.
  5. When it says hold the button do they mean all the way up or down to the express the point b4 the express up?
  6. I have had duratracs on my 14 and 17 and haven't lost more then half a mile to the gallion at best otherwise not really much difference there. Had the 14 for 41k before I traded and currently own the 17 with 21k on it and the MPG haven't changed on either.
  7. Yes really LOL. Give it time to get it chocolate together it works out to be a pretty fine transmission nice hard break in period seemed to help it along pretty well. Must not drove to many tractors because some of those shift so bad i thought it was a transformer =p
  8. 21k Update tranmission is running just fine and shifting is nice and crisp low speed clunk happens rarely so it not even really a thought any more.
  9. So any ideal on what the difference is between the 2017 cap and 2018 cap wouldn't think there be much change in the filler.
  10. I did the switch on my 14 and it didn't help the oil burning i was down 1.5 qts in about 2500 Mine started a little after 20k . Once it starts i think you're kinda screwed at least in my case i traded at 40k. Haven't had any issues on my 17 currently just over 20k. Been running 0w 30 and 5w 30 with no issues started running it the first oil change at 3k at the time. i'll know more over a little more time.
  11. Never had any issue running 0w30 or 5w30 in the current version of the 5.3.
  12. About a 15 to 20 min project depending on your pace just a matter of unhooking the 2 hose on the breather and losing up the clamp from the breather unhooking the throttle body wire then 4 10mm bolts for the throttle body. I swap my 14 with the Jet throttle body and i liked it better than stock i traded my 14 in for a 17 back in feb but haven't gotten around in changing it yet.
  13. Sounds like you got a good deal going.
  14. If you can't find a dealer to deal your way try out of state since your from MN Karl chevy in iowa might not be to far for you.
  15. Once you get the sport car price down to where you would like then debate on the trade in. On my 2014 i got around 28500 for the trade in with my 17 sliverado got it down to 41600 ish from 55k so i say it worked out pretty well on the dealing it all depends on the dealer and the type of deals going on for the sport car yoiur looking and the amount your willing to pay.

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