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  1. GM replaced the exhaust on my 2014 Sierra. My flapper froze as well. It was a recall/bulletin. It happened and was replaced the first winter I had that truck tho. Temps reach -40 C here in Labrador as well. My 2017 has never froze.
  2. Did you remove the inserts to plastidip? Looks great.
  3. I find my 17 to be a better driving truck then my 14. I had a bunch of recalls on the 14 and none so far in the 17. I just passed 10k kms and the truck shifts well and works good to me.
  4. Anyone know when the 5100s will be available for a 2017. I assumed they would be same as 16 but Essexdistributing told me they are not released yet.
  5. Any shots of your truck from a distance with these lights? I want to add some led lights to mine and can't do the behind the grill install because of the shutters.
  6. My 14 has stiff steering for 5 minutes or so when temps are below -30C. Other then that it works fine.
  7. I have a Back Rack on my 2014 1500. I like them. Adds a nice look to the truck also protects the back window when hauling my ATV.
  8. No that's not what I'd rather. Nor did I ask that. Just simply asking if the trade up to a 2016 would be the better move. I just found it strange to have so many issues, some small I know, for a truck that only has 20,000 kms. And yes I'm glad GM is taking the time to fix the issues.
  9. I agree with what your saying. Probably the best bet for me. Thanks.
  10. Expecting issues to be worked out by the third year. I already regret making this post knowing now the types of answers I will most likely get.
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