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    To find out whats going on with my Trucks paint, it appears to be corroding under paint and blistering all the way down to the primer on the side of the bed where you dont get rock chips.
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    2014 Silverado ltz
  1. Not sure how to send a private message?
  2. These areas are on the side of the truck bed. I took it to the dealership and they said it was rock chips. I don't have any rock chips on the front of my truck much less on the side. Have the truck for less than a year in the Paints not good. I like the truck but I'm very dissatisfied with the paint job. Hope somebody can help me with this issue thanks Glenn
  3. 2014 Paint is not robust, There is a definite problem, im seeing issues with my silverado 2014 LTZ Not a happy camper
  4. I need a contact , I have a 2014 Silverado that I am seeing paint chipping on the the side of the truck more like something under the paint. Who should i contact. Glenn

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