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  1. Price includes wheels, tires, tpm sensors, center caps, and lug nuts.
  2. I may consider shipping. Depends on where you are and how much it will cost to ship. If your a serious buyer send me a Pm.
  3. I tried this today. Stuck some wood under the corner of the pedal box and noticed a difference. Doesn't seem so sluggish. After one day of driving I would say it makes a difference.
  4. My truck has 3 inch tapered blocks. I have no vibrations. Put your original factory blocks back in and see if the vibration goes away.
  5. My 2014 has a drain on the lower right side ( passenger side) of the radiator. You can't see it from the top. Its difficult to see but its there. Drain and refill was 1 gallon.
  6. FS: 20x9 Silverado wheels. They are used but in good condition. There are some small scratches but no major damage to the wheels. The tires have about 18,000 miles on them. Sale includes Wheels, Tires, TPM sensors and lug nuts. Price 1,100.00 dollars. Local pick up only. No shipping. Im in the Southern California area ( Orange County). _MG_7855 by Tim1071, on Flickr _MG_7856 by Tim1071, on Flickr
  7. Just a suggestion when purchasing a used car from a Dealer or Private party.Take the vehicle to a different Dealer and ask for a Pre Purchase inspection.They will look it over and give you a Professional opinion on the condition of the car.
  8. I have the CST spindle lift (3.5-5.5) kit. Its only been on my truck a few months.The parts are well made. It dose increase the track width in the front. Turning radius is fine. I have no problems with the kit.
  9. I have a 4.5 inch lift with 305/55/20. My garage door is 80 inches tall. My truck has about 3 inches of clearance. I did cut a few inches off the antenna because it rubbed. I haven't had any clearance issues in any commercial parking garages either.
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