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  1. It's not in 4wd checked that already. Could the nut of come loose on the outside of the cv shaft or does it need that play? It just makes no sense why it would be on one side and not the other. I'll have to lift it up and check it out.
  2. So I have a popping noise when turning at slower speeds. I've crawled under and have grabbed everything an shooked it. The only thing that moved was the cv shafts and it was maybe an 1/8 inch. I've taking it to the dealer and they had checked everything over and it was all good. Just have no idea what it could be I only have 32000 km on it I have a 2 inch level but it only started doing this after I had my brake components greased.
  3. I'm looking to get 2 inch rear lift blocks. How do I figure out what size of u bolts I need? I was looking on zone but have no idea what to look for.
  4. OK sounds good I have steel. And is there an option for aftermarket or am I limited with factory again
  5. What would be the best option when my stock ball joints go. I have a 2 inch level. I've been looking all over the forum but all I've seen is the controls arms that are 600 plus and I'm not sure of I wanna spend that much, living in ontario I don't think the uniball system would be good with the salt. Can you get a better ball joint for the factory arms or is It just toast when they are shot?
  6. Do you have a picture from the front of your truck to see what the 275/65/20 look like
  7. Will do. Ya my jeep had the 3.8 engine and 3.21 gears so it was going nowhere quick. I did have a sprint booster on it and I don't care what anyone says seat of the pants feel was incredible it was night and day from on and off. So I was debating on getting on for the truck but I'll probably wait and see once tires are on. I got a quote for 275/65/20 1400 installed for the ko2 in Ontario. Which I thought as a great deal. But I also have been looking at the Mickey Thompson atzp3
  8. Thanks for the info guys I think I'm gonna go with the 275/65/20. Coming from the jeep and that this truck lights the rear wheels up no problem and I feel it has plenty of power. If I wanted to race I would of got a car. Thanks again for all the help these forums are great
  9. I have 3.42 with the 5.3 and was looking at the bfg ko2 275/65/20LT and I think they are 58 pounds but I wanna make sure I don't waste 1400 on tires that I'm gonna hate
  10. I've been reading threw the forums and have come across a few members saying the shifting of the transmission is terrible after they have installed 275/65/20 which is a 34 inch tire. I just was wondering how bad could it be coming from and underpowered jeep with a lift and 33s I can't see it being that bad. Do the dealers do anything when they put on 35s with a lift?
  11. Ya it's out of auto. Doesn't matter it if I turn left or right. If I do a slight turn it's fine but a full turn then it's all bunged up. I looked at it quickly in a parking lot and turned the wheel back and forth and it seemed fine but as soon as I move it a different story
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