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  1. Hello. I have a reg cab 03 2500 Chevy. It is tinted with probably 35% smoke. But here it is....... About around the turn of the century I would see quite a few older truck reg. cabs with some image on the back glass. Sometimes it was a scenic background or it could be a flag or any other landscape/background the owner wanted. What do you call these? Were they see-through like those police interrogation room mirrors? How come the seem unpopular these days?
  2. AgDoctor, Try greasing them. Just about anything 'should' help in my opinion. It can be a tuff and dirty job, but you get to be a grease monkey for a few hours! Take fresh motor oil or regular chassis grease and some towels and coat every inch of the leafs and try wiping down, cleaning, and coating the mounting structures and hardware as well. These are great trucks they have made- but just understand you don't just change the oil and drive until something breaks.
  3. I adjusted the driver torsion arm since my passenger side sat about a half inch higher. I also armor all most (if not all) of my weatherstripping. I will use dielectric sometimes and other times armor all- they seem to work best by taking turns. I wiped down my tailgate (bedside) after cleaning my weedeater on it. I put graphite all over my key and door locks. Checked the oil level (a hair below full). Torqued all of my wheels. I had initially torqued them a year or two ago with a torque wrench, but was low of the called for 150 ft-lbs because of antiseize. But I gave each a good tug and while I had the center caps off I wiped the hubs/wheel bearing area with some grease. Took out my subwoofer and left it out when I was getting the factory jack from behind the passenger seat. Put a few drops of 3-in-1 on the passenger seat rails/rivets/bearings behind the seat. Wiped my clutch pushrod area from when I applied it yesterday as I am try to smooth it out and reduce the noise. Just trying to 'work it in' since there was already plenty on there. Hit my parking brake cables with penetrant on the exterior and lube in the interior.
  4. I dont know about back pressure, but the 'speed' (or velocity) at which you move the exhaust out the back increases torque. The amount(or flow/volume) you get rid of increases horsepower. This, I HEARD!
  5. My neighbor used to tell me I was going to wash the paint off the car. Well....one day I did. I suggest you guys clay and polish only as needed. I think it removes some paint, however microscopic.
  6. Thanks man! Don't thnk I ever heard of DOT-4 in a clutch reservoir. I bought some clutch fluid from AutoZone awhile back just for fun, but all I've heard, seen, and written my whole life has been DOT-3 brake fluid- until I noticed in the back of my 03 owner's manual after looking thru it for like the dozenth time.
  7. I was going through the manual for the 2003s and in the back where the fluid specs are, it had a different part number (and section/box) for 5spd clutch reservoirs and 6spd clutch reservoirs. Why could this be? Havent pretty much ALL clutch cylinders specced out for DOT3?
  8. Can you order the AC Delco synthetic power steering fluid? I would try that first.
  9. Please explain what a zero is and how to find it. I gather it is some kind of 'stamp' or imprint on the rubber boot of the numeral '0' alerting you not to overgrease. Just a guess going from what you wrote cfell.
  10. I was under my truck and saw that one of the exhaust pipes around the trans/engine area that goes over a crossmember is severely 'squished' in a way that it seems to almost be flat. It is very far from being round and it almost the shape of the 4th-gen Z28 exhaust tips. Is there a reason for this?
  11. I have one ready to go on (PF46E). My last two oil changes were with the older, non-ecore. GM seems to do their homework and hand it in on time and completed. So I wouldn't worry too much. They might not win any battles or contests on paper and in lab tests but what does that really mean anyhow. To me, it appears to be a well rounded filter or as you asked, middle of the road. But then, what is good better and best??? Best usually you would refer to as heavy duty or racing. So, if you aren't hammering on it at a tractor pull or pulling mobile homes up Pikes Peak then why waste resources on it? What you have here is the 'best' filter for our trucks. Why? Because it works. It filters decent. Seems to flow better than most. And it one of the first attempts I have heard of to be loving to Mother Earth.
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