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  1. I ordered and installed a set of AMP research power steps about 4 months ago. No issues with them at all and the OBD pass through harness made the install easier then I though. I ordered mine from 4wheelparts since they had free shipping and I was able to get them to include the OBD harness for free. They are expensive but IMO worth every penny.
  2. McGaughy's lift set at 9", bilstein 5100 shocks, 37x12.5r22 Toyos. I am very happy with the lift kit, no problems with it so far and would recommend it. I haven't run any of the other kits on the market so I can't compare it to any of them. I only have a little bit of rubbing when the wheel is fully turned. I am planning on upgrading to cognito UCA's and coilovers by the end of the year.
  3. I picked my truck up from the dealership last week. They said they fixed the problem but it was caused by the lift. Apparently the rear bolts for the bottom control arms were put in backwards and one of them hit a wire connector causing bare wire. I had to pay for the repair out of pocket. They didn't charge me for parts and only charged 3 hours labor even though they had it for 3 days and claimed they had over 10 hours into it. so far I have driven about 250 miles in town and highway with no problems.
  4. Thank you for the update. I just got off the phone with the service tech at the dealer, they are still unable to fin the problem and want to keep it another day. I will be sending a copy of your results to my dealer to see if this helps with mine.
  5. Over the past week I have been in contact with GM's customer service and keeping them up to date on the problem. They scheduled me an appointment tomorrow morning at a different dealer that will hopefully be able to find out what is causing this issue, I will keep everyone up to date if I find anything out.
  6. Stevens14 thanks for the reply, I tried to tell the dealer if the problem is in any way shape or form related to the lift I would pay for diagnostic and repair time out of pocket. Other wise it should be covered under warranty but the service manager told me that even if it has nothing to do with the lift I would still have to pay because the lift voids the entire warranty, which I know is BS. That will be the last time I take a vehicle Starling Chevrolet in Orlando. I'm going to make an appointment to drop it off at a different dealer and see if they have any luck.
  7. I have tried reprogramming the truck for tire size but I still get the same issues (I tried running a diablo tuner but took it off before I dropped the truck off at the dealer). Please keep us posted if anyone finds anything out, I would love to get this problem fixed with out having to pay the dealership an unknown number of labor hours to troubleshoot a problem they know is there but cant find.
  8. I just heard back from the second dealership on the issue, they were also unable to duplicate the problem and same thing there are no codes being stored so they cant pin point it. Their "technician" claims its a loose wire or something is grounding out somewhere in the vehicle. But because of my lift the dealer is saying my entire warranty is void and it has to be something that happened when the lift was installed. They want to charge me 6 hours labor just to diagnose it and even if it has nothing to do with the lift, it wont be covered because I modified the truck At first I started having the problem when I was parking, then it stopped for a month or so and know it only seems to do it when I am on a longer drive, or the truck has been running for about a half hour. the last time it happened it kept turning my steering assist on and off, this cant be safe when driving down the highway at 60+....
  9. I'm having this warning along with stabliltrack pop up on my dash at least once every time I drive it. I have taken it to the dealership and was told they couldn't replicate the problem so they didn't know what to do, I took it to a different dealer and they are saying its because the lift kit. and because I have a lift kit installed I voided my warranty and would have to pay to have it diagnosed then pay for any repairs. Its a 2015 with 11,500 miles on it.
  10. I have a 2015 Sierra that is having the same problems. The service stabilitrack and service trailer breaking system lights have been coming on every now and then but on longer drives the gage cluster goes crazy just like your talking about. Last week I took it to the dealer and they told me there was nothing wrong, so I picked it up and on the drive home it did it again so I brought it straight back. The next day they said they found a pinched wire causing the problem and that its all fixed. I pick it up and just like the day before its started doing the same thing on the drive home. I dropped it off at a different dealer this morning to have them look at it and a few hours later I got a call from the service manager telling me that he is 90% sure my lift kit is causing the problem and that I completely voided my warranty by having a lift. Now they want me to pay a diagnostic fee just to trouble shoot it when there not even sure what the problem is.
  11. Lift is set at 9inches 22x12 fuel rims 37x12.5r22 too R/T tires
  12. 7-9 McGaughys set at 9 22x12 Fuel with 37x12.5r22 Toyo R/T
  13. 22x12, 2 piece FUEL Nuts, -44 offset 37x12.5r22 TOYO R/T's
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