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  1. I LOVE your Truck.. The Color, The Wheels (Size, Color and Style) and lastly the Gideon Interior... The Refresh shows more of the Gideon Leather Color on the Dash and Doors vs the LTD and looks Awesome... Can we Get Pics of the Exterior Back... The Only thing I would do is Color Match the Yellow Chevy Emblem Both in the Front and Back if you have it.. Congrats Bro..
  2. But Now they integrated a Pair Of LIPS for those Trims that have a Body Colored Bumpers.. I mean it's got a Grumpy Old Man SMIRK Face on it.. Definitely not a Fan of the Front End Changes.
  3. Folks.. I am shopping for a new 2022 Refresh Locally and found a Dealer who has the Same Interior and exterior color LTZ LTD and LTZ Refresh... They Both have the same Stock Manufacture Photos so I opened Both but in different tabs... Then I made sure both Pics were the same View Point and I quickly Toggled back and Forth to see the Differences... Man, You can really see how much they changed on the Interior... I thought I would share and Hopefully its Useful... Here are the Links... LMK What you think.. New 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTD LTZ Crew Cab in Warminster #L1262 | Patriot Chevrolet Of Warminster, Inc. (chevyofwarminster.com) New 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab in Warminster # | Patriot Chevrolet Of Warminster, Inc. (chevyofwarminster.com)
  4. Wait!!!! You bought a Brand New Silverado on 03-01-22 and 2 weeks later you traded it in for another Silverado!!!!!! Please tell us how this deal went down... We were always Told that the Value DROPS as soon as you Drive it off the Lot... Did you take a hit?
  5. I am in the market for a Soft Roll-up for my new 2021 Silverado RST.. I have narrowed it down to the Access Lorado (~500), the Truxedo Lo Pro (~$400) and the Gator SRX... Can you give us a review on yours... Thnaks, Dan
  6. I am in the market for a Soft roll up cover and narrowed it down to Access Lorado (~$500), Truxedo Lo Pro (~$400) and this Gator SRX (Amazons is ETX) for like $220.. Can you give us a quick update of how yours is performing.. Thanks, Dan
  7. How has the Gator EFX been working for you since you last posted here.. I just got a 2021 RST and looking to get a soft roll up... I put an Access Lorado on my 2014 LTZ and loved it but it's now like $500... Thanks, Dan
  8. Yo.. Very NIce Ride.. Sucks what you had to go through but I am sure you are not looking back... I checked Criswell's Team in MD and no Mike Furman... BUt My Salesman Put a SOld Sign in the Vette just outside his office in the showroom.. So they SOld one while I was there..
  9. Oh My...Care to share what the service Dept did to your old truck? Post some pics of your new Ride..
  10. Well it's done... It was long day but I Bought the Truck... Man it drives so nice.. I guess my 7 year old Shocks were close to retiring... The dealer was Criswell Chevrolet in Thurmont Maryland... Good People.. Once we got there the transaction was smooth... No surprises on the agreed pricing...
  11. KARNUT... I hear you... How times have changed.. I bought My Current 2014 for 26% OFF MSRP and you got Yours for 36% off... Unreal how today a 7% off MSRP is pretty good...
  12. Ok.. I have an update… My plan to get the (2) dealers to fight it our didn’t pan out because the Closer Dealer Sold the Truck.. Plus they didn’t seam the Negotiating type after their long speech of how they “Are sticking to MSRP even though a lot of other dealers are Marking Up”.. As if they are doing a good thing. Here is the beginning offer from the further dealer for a 2021 Silverado 1500 4X4 Silver ICE with Rally Edition Package and Leather. Their web page showed the following “EPRICE” in this order: MSRP: 58075 Sale Price: 54,961 Customer Cash: -750 Competitive Cash: -750 EPRICE: 53461 SAVINGS: 4614 Very nice right.. So I was hooked and gave them a call to see what’s really up.. Meanwhile I had already gotten Trade in Pricing for my 2014 Silverado LTZ 4X4 with 22’s and 45k miles.. Very Good Condition. Prices from Auto Trader, We Buy any Car, KBB, Edmunds, TruCar Ranged from 28250 to 29500. SO the First thing I found out right away was the 54961 Sale Price Included a 2,000 Trade in Assistance. They offered me 27,500 for my Truck after sending them Pics and Filling out an Appraisal Form. Then they Started Explaining the Pricing to me In a Backwards way telling me the EPRICE didn’t include Freight (Destination) Charge of 1,695, Wheel Locks of 99 and Documentation Fee of 500. The gave me a number of 52,211 (No Idea Where that came from) + 1695 + 99 + 500 = 54,505.. So at the time I am like That’s More than the EPRICE so I tried to get them down and they wouldn’t budge… So that night I decided to Take the Truck to CARMAX to get their price… The offered me 31,000 and that was good until tomorrow 02-18-22… SO I Texted them the PIC of CARMAX’s Offer and they Still Wouldn’t budge… 2 days Go Buy and I was Exhausting Myself Searching the Country for a Below MSRP deal.. I found a few but didn’t have the 22” Wheels or was to far and costly to Ship or Didn’t have Leather, Etc. SO I called them Tuesday 02-15-22 I said Come down 500 more I will buy it right now and they said NO.. Wednesday Morning I Searched around for New Listings and decided to Pop Back into This Dealers Web Page, Looked at the Truck AND…. IT WAS LISTED 631 LESS THAN THE DAY BEFORE!!!! Man, I got that feeling (You know what I am Talking About) and was like LETS GOOOOOOOO! I called them As soon as the OPENED and mentioned it… The Sales Manager said it was some kind of Internet Issue BUT they will honor the price. The plan now it to Take the Almost 3 hour Drive Saturday and finish the deal.. Today Thursday I will get all this in Writing (My Salesman was not in the office Yesterday) before I make the trip out... My Price Should be 53,874 (7.2% or 4201 Below MSRP).. It turned out because I live in NJ and the Sales TaX is the Price of the NEW Vehicle Minus the Trade IN, that Selling to CARMAX for 31,000 and LOSING my 2000 trade In Assistance and the Tax Incentive it would have Costed me ~500 more.. And my 27500 Trade In Price is Actually worth 27500 X 1.06625 (NJ Sale Tax is 6.625%) = 29321.. We will see what Happens Saturday and will follow up..
  13. I finally stumbled across two leftover 2021 Silver Ice Rally Sport Identical trucks.. One 120 miles away has a Promising Eprice of 4614 below MSRP which includes $1250 in Incentives.. I am having them Give me a Quote on my Current Truck as a Trade in... I also Have an appointment today with CarMax to give me a Quote on my Truck... I plan on taking all this info to the other dealer that's 20 miles away and seeing if they can beat (or at least match) the offers.. Stay Tuned.. Dan
  14. Ok All.. I am in the Market Now and no one has posted on this topic as of late... Please take a moment and tell us what kind of deals you are finding... I have been using all the search engines and looking NATIONWIDE and not finding what I am looking for under MSRP... I am looking for a RST Rally Edition or a LTZ with 22" wheels... Getting sick of the Bait and Switch tactics these Search Engines are using to get you to click on Certain Trucks.. They give you an EPrice that Includes all of the Potential Rebates where no one would qualify for all... Thanks for reading, Dan
  15. So I went back to pep boys where I bought the battery 2 years 2 months ago and told the service guy about my electrical issues that I was currently having. So he takes the truck back and they test the battery and it passed. For some reason he decided to go ahead with the warranty and replace the battery with a a better 4 year warranty battery. And so far not one symptom has arised. These trucks are taxing on batteries with all the electrical stuff that they have. Seems like once the voltage gets below a certain number is when all this stuff starts.So like I said before if you are having these funky electrical issues and you've about had it, replace your battery with a good battery.
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