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  2. Wow that is in good shape what motor I don't see a duramax emblem is it a 8.1?
  3. Conky Conky

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    What else does a guy do sept fix it. It's such a fun fast powerful toy when it's running.
  4. Conky Conky

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    Ya I should of bought a yfz 450 instead but hindsight is 20/20 but Yamaha has left a bad taste in my mouth this is my 3rd Raptor Motor job in two years and also my third Raptor. It's a great machine all and all just they self-destructive easily.
  5. I'll burn it before I take two grand think about it. These trucks go for $28000+ grand In my area I already have a guy interested for $21 000 if he gets approved so why would I take your $2200 when I could take $21 000.
  6. Well I got over my grudge somewhat towards my truck I took a Jerry can of gas a new battery out to death row and brought my 13 into town cleaned it all up washed and decided to sell it. What is give to rip it apart with a trackhoe But that's not practical now that I calmed down it makes more sense selling. One thing I'll miss is listening to that massive cold air inhaling with the 3 inch dual straight pipes exhale I will say this truck sounds amazing. I listed it for $22 800 hopefully it sells only has 61 000km.
  7. Conky Conky

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    This was it the day I bought it September 13 2015. Only thing I hate are the black rims and now the blown motor but I'll get it fixed and I think I'm going to have the motor painted black before it goes back in. Then I'm going to put polished aluminum rims on it and get back out riding but unfortunately I won't be able to ride the rest of the year do to the price of rebuilding the 15-16 Raptor motors and harvest is getting in my way. So much for buying new thinking it should be reliable should of just kept my 08 Raptor I sold it cause the motor went on it thats why I bought this one. 450 Honda dirtbike next.
  8. Conky Conky

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    Well it was a sad weekend the motor went on my brand new 11 month old 2016 700R SE Raptor. Nothing like pissin away $12000 on a new toy to only really get four months of riding out of it and to have to spend an additional $4000 to have the motor rebuilt. Just so happens the warranty expired in April Iv ran only 15-20 tanks of premium through it.
  9. Conky Conky

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    Just got back on the first trip with my new to me Tundra and wow best decision Iv ever made buying this rig 18 mpg vs my 13s 5.3 Chevy's 15mpg dam I love it lent it out to the boss for a day and I think our worn out 14 GMC Sierra's will be getting replaced with Tundra's. Seems like every Chevy guy I let drive my truck all same wow I know what I'm buying next hats off to the newer Tundra I'm a proud owner but still love my old Chevy's that's a bond that will never be broke I seen a sick 69 Camaro in Kindersley Saskatchewan today it sounded mean it sent shivers up my spine wow it must of had a cammed up 454 under the hood at the lights it could bairly idle whatever motor it had it had one thumpy cam stuffed into it I call them rocky mountain cams.
  10. sorry for the old photo but just picked up the oil and oil filter (GTX 5-30 High mileage and Fram high mileage oil filter) to perform an oil change on my trusty old 94 Silverado at 315 000km last 80 000km were hard oilfield/farm KM what a great truck I wish I could buy a brand new 1994 Silverado from GM these new trucks suck I don't care what you guys think the 88-98gm trucks were probably the best built trucks of all time. I highly doubt anyone will ever build a better truck Sept maby Toyota.
  11. Don't no haven't driven it enough to do mpg test but so far I really love this Tundra. This thing would drag the chassis out from under my Silverado any day of the week. Even if I get the same 11.7 mpg as my 5.3 atleast I got some power now.
  12. You got to be joking 1300 km to a tank my 2013 only got 550km to a tank at best I wish I could've got that many km to a tank now it's great on fuel as it's parked in the back 40 it doesn't use any fuel.
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