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  1. The front end isn't even broke in yet. I wait til the 1st oil change at 5K miles and do a 2nd check at 7,500 or 8K miles. Then I know it is good. But if it is that noticeable then Yes I would agree it is the wrench turner... especially after 2 or 3 realighnents.
  2. I bought the whole extended warranty package from bumper to bumper, Zero deductible. It covers everything from the key, key remote, tires, wheels, interior, etc... Only thing not covered is obviously the wear and tear items like brakes, belts and hoses. Total cost was $2500 for 120K miles and the additional 5 years.
  3. Yes, interesting. Let's see who responds besides me. So, no. The best answer is that there is no guarantee that your MPG will increase 1-1.5 if you change your exhaust. So, in my experience over the years and miles driven I have ran the stock exhaust system, stock program for 20k plus miles on my 14 5.3. Then I ran a Gibson dual exhaust, then added the Super chips programmer (87 tune), air ducting; not a CAI, and a K&N filter. Then after another 20K plus miles I changed the intermediate pipe back to the sock intermediate pipe, plus I added the flapper valve. The only gain I made was more torque by adding the stock intermediate pipe and flapper valve. Then after another 20K plus miles I removed the Gibson dual exhaust and returned a stock exhaust system and did the muffler delete. After all this experimenting my MPG averaged stayed roughly the same. Now at 101K the mileage is still roughly the same. I even ran 93, 89 and 87 octane fuel over the years. MPG are still basically the same. back and forth to the gym, work and home, plus my military weekend travels. I am always watching my MPG trying to get the best, but regardless; driving habits, traffic, weather, hills, acceleration, deceleration, etc... plays a factor in MPG. My 18 only has 10K miles on it. Only thing I have done is did the muffler delete. I have a Superchips programmer, because I have had good luck over the years with all my trucks using this brand. Yes, I have tried other tuners. Just my 2 cents.
  4. He was just asking for something with a little more than stock sound aka tick. After all it is his 1st truck and looking for something economical. I gave a simple solution drawing upon my own experience using a name brand cat back system vs a muffler delete. However, if you want to go and do a full blown exhaust system with headers and tune and such... then yes it will do some improvement whether it be MPG, power or torque. That would also include how you tune it, driving habits, weather, hills, etc... to make gains. Oh, on my 14 crew cab 5.3 after 8,000 miles on the stock motor and exhaust I gained over a MPG. And also my 18 CC 5.3 has done the same thing. Could it be the motor is just breaking in or loosening up?
  5. Exhaust systems are for sound only on our trucks only. Save $500 plus and spend $30 to cut the muffler off and you'll get your sound.
  6. I had the stock system on my 14, drove it for 25 - 35k miles. Installed a Gibson cat back system and drove it for about the same amount of miles. Gas mileage stayed roughly the same since my driving habits don't change much. Lost torque though. Then I changed the intermediate pipe size from the Gibson 3 in back to the stock 2.75 inch and left the Gibson system on. Gained the noticeable torque back and the MPG stayed the roughly the same. Installed the stock system back on, did the muffler delete trick. So now I have the sound I like, the torque and the roughly the same mpg minus the dual tail pipes. My 14 had just over 95k on it now. So I would same your money and just do the muffler delete. Just my opinion though.
  7. Yes, you better take care of her surgery 1st. That's a priority. The charger will be there waiting on you.
  8. Alright, thank you. I will take a look. How do you like your pro-charger?
  9. Okay, so basically what I am thinking of doing, but I am slicing the sides off the resonators and welding them together to keep them in the stock location. I'm curious as to see how your setup will sound. Do you have the 5.3 or 6.2?
  10. I just got through a while ago cutting a side of 1 of my spare resonators off. I had 2 systems, but have sacrificed 1 to modify my Gibson system I have on my tuck now. Anyhow, I cut roughly 1&1/2 inches off 1 side of the resonators to see what was inside. Also so if I decide to run them side by side I am going to weld them together forming a figure 8. So cutting 1&1/2 off either side of the resonators will allow me to keep the tailpipes close enough to each other to look good instead of a huge amount of space between them. And they will exit in the stock location. So the big next set of questions is this: 1. Obviously has anyone ever heard of or seen someone welding 2 resonators together that have had the sides cut off? 2. do ya think the 2 perforated pipes and sound dampening material will cancel the sound out? Oh and it will be dueled after the flapper valve. Its a lot of work, but I am just brainstorming and seeing what the forum members thoughts are.
  11. Did he leave the flapper valve in the system somewhere? Also did he have the 4 cylinder mode tuned out? Looking forward to seeing the videos and reading his posts. So you are going to run 2 resonators... Are you going to run true duals or just split after your y-pipe into the 2 resonators? Yes, heard of Kinney's... Seen their work on YouTube.
  12. I know everyone has done the muffler delete and run just the resonator with and without the flapper, but has anyone run dual resonators side by side with and or without the flapper with dual tailpipes? Just curious is all.
  13. Some other brands that make the Under drive Pulley as well. SLP part# 100230A
  14. Just wondering of any new updates on the under drive pulley? Anyone else purchase 1? Any other brands out there?
  15. Mostly sound as previously mentioned, but I did notice that mine seems to accellerate smoother and it will coast freely now. With the factory exhaust it felt like I was dragging an anchor when just coasting.
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