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  1. Nice! I put the 2.5" AT4 lift from BDS on mine, also a Pacific Blue ?. It's nets an overall 4" lift from a stock 1500. My shop couldn't fit 35's at 4". They wanted to hit the back edge of the bumper. I had to go down to 33's. Still very happy with the results! Jim
  2. Agree with Supercup on this one. The BDS 2.5" on my AT4 is a great upgrade from the OEM Ranchos. I don't do any off road but on road is amazing! Jim
  3. It would probably be too close for you then. I was trying to hold the tape measure and balance myself on the drivers side threshold, that's why I said give it or take a few. ?
  4. I get roughly 81" from the ground to the tip of the shark fin as I measure with my tape measure. So I'd say give it one or two either way.
  5. I'll try and measure that for you tomorrow in the daylight.
  6. Got my truck back yesterday! It's now set at 4" all around and on 33/12.5/20's with no rub anywhere. Sorry for the crappy pics. Freezing rain outside today.
  7. Looks great! Just a level correct? Any rub?
  8. Forgot to add my wheel/tire specifics. My wheels are 20x10 Fuel Siege with a -18 offset. Tires are BFG KO2's, 35/12.5/20.
  9. It surprised me as well?? It could very well be my wheel/combo. With the more narrow tire you are running, could make the difference. I know the Sierra and Silverado have different wheel wells and the Chevy tends to be able to run a bigger tire. There's a 19 Chevy in town that has a 4" Pro Comp lift with 35/12.5/20's that has tons of room around the tire. Set at 4" on mine, the tire would hit the corner of the front bumper. I'll try to attach a pic.
  10. Sorry it's been quite a while since I posted. Was out for a couple months with a health issue?. My shop ended up raising my coilovers to a little over 6" and put a bigger block in the rear in order to gain the clearance for my 35's. I measure it at about 7" overall. I feel it's too tall now and my 5 foot wife plays heck trying to crawl up in it. Went by the shop today and discussed with the guy and the decision was made to drop back down to a 33/12.5/20 so that it can be lowered back down. My goal was to have my AT4 raised a few inches over the stock 2" and put bigger tires. For whatever reason my particular truck needs to be raised more than I want to in order to fit 35's. So now the goal is to bring her back to around 4" overall and go with 33/12.5/20's. I'll post a few pics in a week or so when it's complete. Jim
  11. In the process of having the BDS 2.5” on my 20 AT4 right now. Went by the shop this morning to check it out. Looks killer! I went with 35/12.5’s on 20x10’s. Having a little problem with the front tires hitting the edge of the front bumper at the moment. Shop guy is planning to raise the coil overs a bit to gain the clearance needed. Might need a slightly larger rear block as well. Can’t wait to get my beast back!
  12. ?? I’ve got a BDS 2” going on my 20 AT4 this week. It’ll net me 4” total. Also have 20x10 -18’s and 35/12.5’s to install. I know I’ll have to trim some but that’s part of the fun!
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