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  1. I’m in the process of finalizing my decision on lifting my 2020 AT4 with BDS as well. They do show a link on their site for the 2.5 as well as the 4”. I’ve also spoken to them and they are both available for the AT4 and TB. I want to go with the 2.5 for a total of 4” over the 4” for a total of 6. With the 2.5 they say you can fit 35’s, I’m sure with some trimming. There’s a 20 Chevy in town with a 4” BDS and 35’s and it loooks perfect to me
  2. Hey guys! I’ve got a 20 AT4 and want to raise her up and fit some bigger wheels and tires underneath. Starting to shy away from just a level, and don’t want a huge lift like a 6”. Found on the BDS site they have a specific 2.5” lift kit fir the AT4/TB that will net you a total of 4.5. Does anyone out there have this kit and could give an assessment of it? BDS already comes with a great reputation. Anyone with this or even a Non AT4 with a 4” lift that have some pics they want to share would be greatly appreciated as well TIA! Jim
  3. Congrats on your new truck! Love my 20 AT4 6.2 Mine came with the lockable “vault”. It definitely is a huge compartment!
  4. Thanks! He does do some nice stuff. Do you have to remove the factory insert and these replace it, or do these just overlay on top of the factory piece?
  5. What’s this guys IG info? Those are freaking sweet!
  6. I’ve got the BakFlip MX4 on my 20 AT4. It looks awesome and very well made. Takes a little adjusting to get just right but fits mine great and the auto tail gate works just fine. If you go this route, I’d suggest going by a parts store and getting a better automotive grade rubber weather strip for the front edge. The foam type that comes with it is kinda cheap. Jim
  7. I ordered the same decal , only the one for a window with the sliding middle. Mine came so tightly rolled up and creased that many of the stars were already folded onto themselves. Couldn’t get it to lay flat so I ripped it all off in frustration. Would love to have it own but won’t be ordering it from them again. Plan on seeing if a local print shop can do one for me.
  8. Sweet! How about a few more pics of those tips? I have the same blue on my AT4 and was thinking of going with the CF tips
  9. I’ve got the MX4 on my 20 AT4. I didn’t use the front seal that came with the cover. Instead picked up an automotive grade rubber ribbed weatherstrip from Lowe’s. Took a few extra minutes to adjust the MX4 to where the power tail gate still operates. Mine stays pretty dry and dust free as is.
  10. A good quality Polish will work as well. My AT4 had quite a few scuffs when I got it. Used Griots Complete Compound and a buffer. Removed them all with ease
  11. I’m kinda on the fence about this
  12. It’s been a while but I bought straight from them. Still should be able to contact them for any questions.
  13. I have the Gorilla Guard licks on a few other vehicles. Really nice quality
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