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  1. I’ve tried but all I can find on their instagram is the same pic of that black AT4 but no link to a video. If anyone else can find it, please post a link. TIA!
  2. Anyone got a link to the video by Sherwood on putting these 35’s on? I’ve searched but cannot find it. TIA! Jim
  3. Thanks! I’ll check it out tonight. Last night I went in the GMC site and couldn’t find a way to. Thanks again! Jim
  4. When will we be able to configure an AT4?
  5. I agree. I’d like to see it in person before making any decisions
  6. Well that conflicts with the online configurator which I’ve built many times. Doesn’t matter either way , easy retrofit if needed. Believe I’m going to hold out for a 2019 anyway👍🏻
  7. Not according to the online configurator.
  8. 2019 GMC Sierra

    I was planning to buy this year. Anxious to see it and if it’s worthy of waiting👍🏻
  9. This is good to hear. I know on paper it will tow what I need it too. I just wanted to ask you guys with more experience in hopes I wasn’t going to be too close to the stated ratings. 👍🏻
  10. Yep. Gearing can be tricky. I’ve got a buddy with a shop that does this all the time. Put a set of 4.10’s in one of my projects for nothing but the conversation we had👍🏻
  11. Thanks Jon! Good advice. Airbags for the rear were already in my plan. Tow mirrors as well. I’ve had a couple 6.2’s in my Yukon’s...def have lots of power👍🏻 Thanks again!
  12. They’re all great trucks. I’m just confused as to why you can configure either motor with NHT in a SLE, SLT, but if you’re looking at the Denali, you’re able to configure a 5.3 with basically all you can get in the NHT package, but you can only configure a 6.2 with the 3.23 gears. It can’t be because of the suspension or you couldn’t get the 3.42 with the 5.3 in a Denali. Way to go GM!
  13. Ha! You are correct about me mixing the numbers up. Long day at work! It’s been said before that the reason I can’t configure a Denali with a 6.2 and the max tow package is because of the magnaride suspension. But you can build a Denali with the 5.3 and get the 3.42 gearing which is what comes with the max tow pack. Then apparently it’s not just because of the suspension on the Denali that you can’t get a 6.2 and the max tow. I’m know that it’s more than gearing that make up the max tow. But then why is it that GM limits the 6.2 to a 3.23 gear and a 5.3 to a 3.42 gear, in the Denali trim? But you can get both the SLT trim? Mileage? If that’s the case, can the dealership switch out the 3.23’s for 3.42’s? I actually know a shop that would. Doing that would be close to a diy max tow package. The trailer brake controller is there. The only difference I see is magnaride vs traditional. Bottom line like I said before, I want to tow about 7-8k a couple tines a year. 9300# capacity would do it but it’s close and I’d like to be sure it’d be ok. Again, anybody with the 6.2 and 3.23’s have any towing experiences to share? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for all your reply’s ! I’ve reviewed the towing charts and if you go by those, the 6.2 in the GMC trim should work for me even without the NHT, since I’m looking at towing my car maybe only a handful of times per year. The weight of my car and trailer are in the 7K pound range. My little utility trailer is way lower than that. I’m on my 3rd Denali with the 6.2 now (Yukon’s). I’ve towed with an open trailer before and it did fine. This ones not much heavier but too close to my Yukon’s limit. The Sierra 6.2 should handle it fine by the charts. Heck if it seems sluggish I’ll just change out the gears for 4.32’s. Mainly it will be my daily driver. Still wish GM would offer the max towing package throughout their lineup. Maybe the 2019 might offer something better🧐. Anybody have any real world experience towing around 7-8k with the 6.2 and no NHT? Thanks! Jim
  15. Thanks guys! I’m definitely more a GM guy than a Ford guy, but I find it troublesome that a F250 with a 6.2 can easily be fitted with 4.3 gears and be rated to tow 15K right out of the box. I’m probably over thinking all of this. I only plan to tow a couple times a year. An enclosed car hauler, aluminum, weighing about 3800# with my toy that weighs another 3200#. I’d probably be fine with a Sierra 6.2 even without the max tow package. My wife always tells me I go overboard with things😜. Mainly it will be a DD for me, just want it to pull my toy when need be. Jim

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