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  1. Love your set up and this is the plan I have in mind for my 20 AT4. Do have a question though...with your set up and the RC 2” level, would a small spacer pull the wheels out enough to allow the 35/12.5’s enough space to not rub? I keep going back and forth thinking 11.5 vs 12.5. I’m a sucker for wide wheels/tires. If a small spacer would allow for no rub on an AT4, I would strongly consider it. Thanks! Jim
  2. Thanks! I’ll swing by and see if anything on their lot has that paint code!
  3. Anybody got any info on the new for 2020 Carbon Black paint option for the Sierra AT4? I read it wasn’t going to be available until the 2nd quarter. Would love to take advantage of the 0%/72 deal this month, but would hate to jump on something and then regret not waiting to see this in person first. My local dealer never has much on the lot. There’s a new Caddy suv that has a color called Shadow Black that I feel will be similar. Thanks in advance for any info you guys might have! Jim
  4. Thanks! The Pacific Blue looks great in pics, just wonder what it’s like in person. I’ve seen a Red Quartz in Denali trim, and it looked too lite to me with the chrome. Hope it’s deeper in AT4 trim. Wish these colors were metallic as well and not so flat.
  5. Thanks! I thought that might be the case. I have been unable to find a Pacific Blue or Red Quartz in AT4 trim around here. I’m hesitant about Black. The new carbon might be nice! Good to have options
  6. Planning on a ‘20 AT4 with a 6.2. The online configuration page is only showing 4 colors...2 blacks, white, and satin steel. Is this really going to be all that’s offered??? The carbon black might be interesting though. TIA! Jim
  7. I’ve tried but all I can find on their instagram is the same pic of that black AT4 but no link to a video. If anyone else can find it, please post a link. TIA!
  8. Anyone got a link to the video by Sherwood on putting these 35’s on? I’ve searched but cannot find it. TIA! Jim
  9. Thanks! I’ll check it out tonight. Last night I went in the GMC site and couldn’t find a way to. Thanks again! Jim
  10. I agree. I’d like to see it in person before making any decisions
  11. Well that conflicts with the online configurator which I’ve built many times. Doesn’t matter either way , easy retrofit if needed. Believe I’m going to hold out for a 2019 anyway
  12. I was planning to buy this year. Anxious to see it and if it’s worthy of waiting
  13. This is good to hear. I know on paper it will tow what I need it too. I just wanted to ask you guys with more experience in hopes I wasn’t going to be too close to the stated ratings.
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