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  1. Short answer, no. But do I still want the diesel, yes! For a service truck I'd probably go gas, better payload for tools and however your going to set it up. For the expense of the diesel and higher fuel and def costs mileage is never going to be worth it. Unless you tow a lot but even then I think the math is like 125k-150k miles before you break even. I'd think of it more as do I want the power/torque, exhaust brake for the extra 10k. From what I see online is a lot of fleets are switching to gas. There info shows them over the life of the vehicle the cost of repairs and downtime far exceeds that of a gas motor. Maintenance wise more oil so yes a little more expensive and a fuel filter every 30k. Or a lot of people do every other oil change. I dont think it's a big deal or that much of an expense if you do it yourself. If a dealer does it then I understand why people complain about maintenance on diesels. Also new diesels apparently dont like to idle for extended periods of times with the emissions, not sure how you roll but I see service trucks idle forever it seems.
  2. I believe they list it that was so you dont go over on your rear axle. Each axle also has a weight limit. Say you put a #3000 lbs pin weight in your truck technically you have 248 left of payload but if you go to a scale your rear axle will be overloaded.
  3. Thing I find odd is my half ton was a denali with 3.23 gears I believe, my dad's 6.0 has 4.10 and it struggles to pull compared to my half ton, that's what baffles me about it. He did take it into a dealer and they said everything checks out. They told him with all the new emmisions compared to his 09 is what is hurting the mileage. It just blows my mind that with 4.10 gears his mileage is 13-14 empty and towing it drops significantly. I feel like the 4.10s it shouldn't be that bad. Towing a 2000lb utility trailer with a 4wheeler he got 9.
  4. No he had an 09 2500 with a 6.0, so he is more disappointed same engine same trans and way worse mileage he got 15-17 highway with his. I find it interesting my 15 half ton Denali 6.2 got around 9-10 pulling my camper and cruise set at 70. Then his pulls like crap compared to my hand ton and can barely maintain highway speed. Maybe the 6.2 and 8 speed are just that big of an advantage.
  5. That was my impression about that stuff as well. He wants to change his gears but I dont think he is going to get what he wants going from a 4.10 to 3.73, about $3000 as well to change gears. Also told him change your tires to a highway tire might help a little but cant guarantee nothing there either. I wish he'd just listen to me and buy a half ton if he wants better mileage. I'll just have to listen to him complain about it forever I guess.
  6. So my dad has a 2019 2500 with the 6.0, I believe it has the midnight package so it came with the duratracs and it has 4.10 gears. He is really upset about his mileage, gets 13 on the highway and about 10 in town. Pulling my 8000lb camper his truck gets 5.4. This is all per the on board computer I wish he would just hand calculate a few. He traded in his 2009 6.0 which he got 16-18 on the highway and he always wishes he had his old truck back. Anyways, is there anything that can actually improve the mileage? I was always under the impression chips and stuff dont do anything for gas powered engines.
  7. I've actually had my bumper repainted under warranty. They have a test that they do to find out if it is an adhesion problem or not, they pretty much take a piece of tape and if paint comes off it's an adhesion problem. I had about 100+ little paint flecks that came off my bumper though.
  8. I ran into this same thing when I got my travel trailer. Dealer guaranteed me my truck is well within the limits of a decent 5th wheel with how light they are. He said these words to me.."I have a Honda Ridgeline and I'm more than capable of pulling a 32" 5th wheel. Youll be fine with a 35"+ with your truck." So since I've already researched and seen what the pin weights and GVWR where for what they had I said some not so nice words to the guy and went somewhere else. The smallest 5th wheel they had I could pull but I wouldn't be happy with and I couldn't load any extra equipment or anything in it. I just decided on a nice travel trailer instead of a tiny 5th wheel I wouldn't enjoy.
  9. It could just be the distribution hitch isn't set up correctly as well...or it could also just be the picture it looks like the truck is downhill and the trailer is on flatter ground Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  10. I have a trailer and it says it's 35'1". Pulls great. Just get a good weight distribution hitch with sway control and it'll make a huge difference.
  11. I have a 35' TT. GVWR is around 9500. I don't load it that heavy I'm usually around 8500-8800 loaded with the combination being around 13500 with everything. 15 Denali 6.2. my max payload is 1650 and max tow is 9100. GVWR combination max is 15000. GM recommends anything over 7000 to have a weight distribution hitch. Also have roadmaster assist springs installed. Yes I'm comfortable pulling it. And truck handles it fine and doesn't get hot. Also stops it well. The numbers GM puts on these vehicles they are very confident it will not damage the vehicle. So don't ever think your truck can't handle it. If you aren't comfortable towing heavy that's fine. My truck would pull my dad's 42' 5th wheel. I'm never going to try it but I know it would. But like everyone else said tow what your comfortable with. Plenty of guys out there that exceed the ratings on there truck by 3-5000 pounds and haven't had any problems. If they ever get into an accident with it I believe it's a pretty big deal with the law though. And just plain unsafe.
  12. As I appreciate all the info and thoughts. As of right now my wife is saying new truck isn't in the cards for me. But a camper could be. In the future when I do get another truck it will most likely be a diesel. Money isn't a problem and I have a heated garage for winter and what not. So my truck is 1650 for payload and 9100 for towing capacity. I went and looked at campers and was thinking TT but the sales guy assures me my truck is more than enough to go with a 30-36" 5th wheel. Considering the pin weight I could pull some. But that's with the trailer being it's empty weight and nobody in there truck. So now I'm wondering how all the numbers work. The pin weight goes off the paylaod I believe? And then the tongue weight works off of the payload as well? Sales guy also said that my payload isn't effected by this stuff...which I'm not stupid and told the guy he doesn't know what he is talking about because what's the point of these numbers then. I think I'll end up going with a 34 foot TT. Tongue weight is 750. So I'd have 900 left for payload. Empty trailer weight is 7900. And it will hold up to 9600 which I don't take that much stuff with me so I don't think I'll get to the upper limits of the trailer capacity. So correct me if I'm wrong please? Or was I mean to a salesmen for no reason?
  13. This statement is not completely true. I did it to my 15. MVI sells you the modules to replace the ones in your current truck. They program them so your truck recognizes them exactly like a 16 model would and BAM! Android auto in a 14/15 model. Install is super easy and there customer service is great.
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