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  1. Oil Pressure 6.0

    What quality/larger oil filter do you recommend?
  2. Light bar in bumper opening

    My dealer told me putting anything in that opening will void the warranty if overheating occurs, however if I put a rock in there that causes damage to the cooler while driving it's not covered by the warranty because it's mechanical damage, so I put a grill in there to block any potential rock/debris damage to the cooler.
  3. AVS Bug Shield or Aeroskins

    The only reservation I have about the aeroskin is it hugs the hood and when dirt/debris gets behind it what will that debris do to the paint? I installed the bug shield because I can clean behind it and it may help save the windshield from excessive bug deposits.
  4. LED Shoebox Light

    Britt, I'm interested PM incoming. Being a parking lot light one would assume it is weatherproof?
  5. Wife Nailed Me

    Sorry to hear that, life goes on as they say.
  6. It's definitely different than my '14 half ton. I must say the change to the 3/4 High Country was for the better.
  7. TPMS

    Anyone know the minimum pressures before the dash alerts you of low pressure warning? Just trying to smooth out the ride a little.
  8. 2018 1500 Order Specs are Live

    Decals emblems and items stuck on the exterior of my trucks are the first thing to go first task, I'm just not a fan.
  9. Maybe it's time for a custom tune, that whole relearn thing sucks IMHO
  10. Wiper Blades?

    Does anyone have the factory part numbers?
  11. Gm factory step bars

    I agree they are strong I had two 300lb men get into the passenger side of my truck at the same time, I fully expected something to break and it didn't.
  12. GM bed lighting kit?

    It's hard for me to believe a dealer would have the nerve to ask a customer to install anything on their new truck considering what the trucks cost now days.

    I think Yelp works as well.

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