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  1. Yes you'll need to adjust them down. Do a search
  2. I would suggest not wanting the money on the range. I bought one for my 14 when it was brand new and after about 200 miles sold it and said screw it and got a diablosport tuner . If you buy a range and do any mods down the road you'll be selling the range like I did. Diablosport you can get a custom tune from diablew or you could go with black bear performance which I have now. Both of which would be a lot better than the junk canned tunes.
  3. I'd like to add they all accelerate the same on ice and actually the little 4 3 might be the best for glare ice acceleration. Even with that being the case I had a 14 5.3 and now have a 14 6.2 and I'll take the extra lack of traction with the 6.2 any day.
  4. I'm thinking about getting these tires and was concerned with effects on mileage but .5 is neligible . Is your truck leveled?
  5. I actually bought one of those throttle blades for my 2000 zr2 blazer in high school that had a 4.3. I never installed it though after reading that little thing on the throttle blade was put there on purpose by gm to equalize the air flow to the cylinders. I thought I had that rig tuned right in good. Had an intake and true dual exhaust. A good man on a bicycle probably would have beat it to 30.
  6. Will this work on my 6.2? How much mpg and hp increase should I expect? Lol. That video cracked me up!
  7. I that's great to hear that the shafts solved your issue. Mine also has a slight shake. I need new tires soon and if that doesn't solve it I'll order shafts.
  8. Did the shafts make a difference ?
  9. I would suggest you do both at the same time unless you're just doing shorty headers which won't see much for gains anyway. With long tubes you'll see the biggest gains in upper rpm band which I personally wouldn't test without a tune to adjust the fuel mixture. I'm not sure how rich these engines are from the factory but I wouldn't take the chance of leaning it out too much. If you're just doing one to start with I'd suggest the tune.
  10. That will rub. Stock height you can do 275 60 20. I'm not sure what else without rubbing
  11. It seems to work fine on the 2.7 ecoboost. I don't think people who buy a 2.7 liter will be towing all the time anyway.
  12. I've had email tunes from both mentioned above and I can't say enough good things about the black bear tune...specifically the transmission tune. I never thought the 6 speed could shift that well. I just received my tune last week and just need to send a follow up data log to make sure it's all dialed in.
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