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  1. Yeah, 70 was the max. It was much better at 60. The difference, like you said, was huge. 1st time, I'm learning. Thanks
  2. It makes total sense now. It was certain confusion on my part. Honestly, I never knew those things were called "Slide Ins" but rather "Truck campers". You're right, with all the verbiage and cross use of the words "camper", Camper Trailer, RV, Toy Hauler, ...ect it has been a little confusing.
  3. Well, that would clear up a lot. lol That thought never even dawned on me. Thanks for clearing that up!
  4. Took the family camping over the weekend using the In-Laws camper trailer and we had a blast. I feel the truck did a good job but I certainly felt the weight being towed while traveling 70mph on the interstate. Gas mileage was not good 8/9MPG. My question: The trailer I pulled was about 27ft, tip2tail with a GVWR of 7600lbs. It does not have a slide In/Out. However, I'm curious why our trucks (maybe just mine) has sticker in the glove box indicating not to tow a camper with a "Slide In"? Is it because of weight or balancing concerns? Does anyone here tow a camper with a Slide In/Out feature? We are contemplating getting a trailer and would like to know the thoughts of the folks here regarding campers with Slide Ins. Would it be safe to pull one as long as total load doesn't exceed the towing capacity? Does everyone that owns a 5.3L 4x4 have this sticker in the glove box? Thanks ALL I've added some pictures below.
  5. Did you ever experience the vibration "Chevy Shake"? Nevermind....just realized the truck in the video was an '07
  6. Didn't mean to confuse you there. Also, I never mentioned anything about a line from the intake to the booster. I understand that the brakes don't pull from the engine, per se. However, the order of operations for brake pressure (atmospheric) is reliant upon the engines ability to spin the vacuum pump belt which in turn supplies/creates negative pressure within your booster Hence the reason why the brakes are failing at low or at idol speeds. If you were to put your vehicle in neutral and rev the engine, you will gain more negative pressure build up in your brake booster because the RPMs spin the vacuum belt faster thus creating negative pressure and the atmospheric pressure from pushing on your brake pedal will again feel soft. But no one is going to throw their truck into neutral while experiencing this. All this to say, I'm still in the dark as to how a programming will fix the vacuum pumps ability to keep a constant negative pressure without affecting the engine idle speed.
  7. I'm not a certified mechanic nor have I stayed in any Holiday Inn Express hotels lately. That said, yes. The mechanical vacuum pumps sole purpose is to pick up the slack when your engine is operating in V4 mode because the engine can't sufficiently supply enough vacuum pressure to the brakes. I'm just guessing on this but, if you've deleted AFM or your vehicle doesn't have this feature than I would suspect you are less susceptible to encounter the "hard brake assist" issue.
  8. SO last year I received a new replacement Vacuum pump from a recall. Now, I/we get a another recall regarding vacuum pressure for braking. This recall is meant to reprogram? I don't like hearing those words...reprogram. The honest reason that the vacuum pressure is lost is because of the cheap pump. The "Hard-To-Brake" situation is most likely felt by those that have Eco (4 cylinder). When your vehicle is in 4 cylinder mode it doesn't create enough power to boost your brakes aided by the vacuum pump. By doing just a reprogram, they're not actually fixing the problem. All they are doing is lowering the digital indicator that alerts the driver about a "Brake Assist Warning" that we all see on the DIC. 2014 - Current GMC / Chevrolet : Hard Brake Pedal
  9. That lawn looks amazing! Love the truck, man! Curious, what does the color say on your factory invoice? This color appears a shade or two lighter than Bronze/Brownstone metallic.
  10. I agree! Normally I'd be all over this project and DIY it. The pickle for me however, 2 and 4yr old girls are daily passengers not to mention finding the time to work on it.
  11. Boom! Condenser leaking, 2015 @ 26,133 miles. 3yr warranty came first. SMH Dealership negotiated price with GMC. 40/60. GM - $264.96, Me - $397.43. Such a scam, This part is failing on nearly every truck. If anyone is curios, the replacement condenser they installed has the square foil on it.
  12. Subscribed. There is certainly a difference with the GB off but can't really tell what exactly is different. I will say though the shifting feels a little more timely.
  13. I read all the comments and then went to the Alpine website only to discover at the very bottom " *Not compatible with factory equipped Bose® systems. "
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