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  1. Then why is it that is is only when lights are in "auto" mode? When you switch to parking only or headlight on, the drl turns back to the proper white color. I have a tech that believes the problem lies some where in between the sensor that picks up the sunlight on the dash and the top drl.
  2. Went to my dealer earlier in the week for this. Driver side blue on drl only, headlights on- it returns to normal. First of all, the service advisor douche wouldn't even acknowledge that he saw a difference in the light color. After several demonstrations of changing from headlights on to auto... he said he'd have the tech look at it. STILL wouldn't acknowledge the color change. Go to pick up truck today... he tries convincing me that it's the angle that I'm looking at it as it's "a downward angle". He also says it's on both lights. It's only the angle ! LMFAO. On the way out I got the service advisors name from a sales guy walking by. I asked him.. he do you see any difference in my drls ? He said, hmm... the drivers side looks a little different on the top. I thanked him and left. Time to find a new dealer after a call to the service manager to express my extreme displeasure.
  3. Yes hilarious. I have a 21' sierra 1500 denali 3.0 w) same issue on driver side top drl is purple-ish. Make that 5 people.
  4. Still have this and it needs to go... comes w/ all requires wiring and instructs
  5. BTW.. for reference, these are so bright that oncoming street signs blind the hell out of ME from the reflection. This setup is not for regular on road usage... It will cause oncoming traffic to either just stop or run off the road. ?
  6. Professionally installed on a 2014-2015 compatible chrome grille surround. MINT CONDITION. Comes w/ 20" Rigid combo flood/spot beam light bar and 2 spot beam dualies. Recently traded truck in and replaced w/ factory grille. Paid $600 for grille, and $1100 for lights... so have Over $2k into this. Will sacrifice for $1000 + shipping to be paid by buyer. PayPal (+3%) , money order, or check works for me. Non-lowball offers will possibly be entertained... Please pm, email me direct, call or txt [email protected] 781-789-7314 - Kris
  7. So I guess I have the chrome housing as well. I never even knew there was a difference until closer inspection of all pics here. I kinda like the black housing now that I see it. Anybody wanna trade mint set for mint set? Lol I like it too.
  8. Sorry guys, been real busy w/ other things and have my stockers on as backup so theres been no real rush. They're sitting in the house still clamped together waiting to have excess adhesive trimmed, then final machine polish on outer housing lense. I'd like to say maybe later today or tomorrow should be final install.
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