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  1. 3rd Cat Delete 2012 6.2

    Nah , 2012s had three cats, one one win side with sensors before and after . Then a 3rd after the Y. It’s called the California cat lol
  2. anyone remove the 3rd Cat?, since it seems to have absolutely nothing to do with engine, other than minimal backpressure (maybe) Curious what it does sound wise, and if you just clamped a pipe in its place. I am currently straight piped from the 3rd cat back. Thanks !!! Nieder45
  3. Morning everyone!! I am looking to upgrade from a "budget lift" (spacers, UCAs, and blocks) to a sturdier true lift. (cross members, spindles, add a leaf). I am posting to see if anyone here is looking to part with their lift before purchasing new, or if anyone has a good shop they recommend in Northern Colorado or any specific recommendations on which lift/company. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!!! Nieder45
  4. zone 4.5 suspension lift for sale

    Sooooo it is 2yrs old .... totally spaced lol
  5. 6.5" ZONE/BDS lift. low miles

    The conversation confused me lol
  6. 6.5" ZONE/BDS lift. low miles

    So is this still for sale ??
  7. zone 4.5 suspension lift for sale

    What’s he part number ?
  8. These won’t fit a 2012 6.2 will they ?
  9. Was thinking 285/70/17 for a tire size .
  10. Morning all, Recently picked up a 2012 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 with the 6.2 in it. How upon inspection I noticed rubbing on both uca and a slight rub mark on inside of tires . After looking at the control arms it appears the previous owner replaced with aftermarket . Best I can tell is they are tough country uppers and has a 2” level kit installed . I am currently runnning the stock tires of 265/70/17 on the truck . I obviously would like to get rid of rubbing and am curious what size wheel/tire is required to alleviate. Thanks for your time !!

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