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  1. just got back from a fishing trip, my truck is the crew cab 4x4 with the standard box, 5.3 and 3.73's I drove just over 1300 miles mostly highway, some 55MPH some 60 and alot 65. I had 4 big guys and a bed full of coolers and gear and had a strong headwind coming back. MPG for the trip was 20.0--I was very happy with that. My truck only has 2300 miles on it now so it may get a llittle better yet. The v4 mode works great dont understand why anyone wouldnt want it. My best 25 miles was 24.4 MPG which I think is great.
  2. you get 19mpg in town with your 6.2!!! That is fantastick NEVER sell it. My v6 impala barely beats that.
  3. Its a trade off---the 6.2 has more power -----I dont think anyone needs to be convinced of that. Its a larger motor that has more horsepower and torque. That power comes at a cost, the initial cost of the engine and the increase in fuel cost. Not sure if insurance is more? Perhaps someone here may know. I would expect you would get some of the initial cost difference back on resale whenever that is the 6.2 should be worth a little more than the 5.3. Bottom line is the 6.2 costs more so is the "fun" you will have driving it worth it to you? I drove both and chose the 5.3 the extra cost w
  4. I drove both, the 6.2 didnt wow me enough for the extra money on the motor, MPG and premium fuel the 6.2 needs. 6.2 does have more power(as you would expect) but for alot of highway cruising the 5.3 will be fine. I am happy with mine and I had a 6.0 before this 5.3
  5. Go to chevrolet.com all of your questions can be answered there.
  6. I have not found a way to track it, mine has been on a train for 2 weeks. heard on the news that new vehicles on rail are delayed. Not sure why or what the problem is.
  7. NHT is correct and yes the 5.3 gets the bigger rearend, mine should be here anyday.
  8. My chevrolet crew cab shipped on 4-10, from Mexico. I live in WI does anyone have a recent order delivered? How long has shipping been taking?
  9. Having a few problems is no big deal but your dealer sucks you need to find a different one. There are good ones that will take care of your concerns.
  10. 20 inch rims are required with the 6.2 and Max tow package however with the 5.3 and Max tow package you can get 18's. I cant imagine towing heavy with those short sidewalls but they are "rated" for it. I wish they would put LT tires on the the trucks with the max tow package instead of the P rated tires. I changed to them on my last truck and it made a huge difference, but it also cost me some MPG. Not sure if it was the tread pattern or the heavier rated tire that caused the drop in MPG but it was worth it. I do tow about 9K lbs with my 2007 1/2 with max towing(6.0 with 4:10's) along
  11. I ordered my crew cab blue granite with 5.3 and max tow on 3-24 and it shipped on 4-10. Way faster than I thought it would. I was set on the dark ruby and when I went to look at one there was a blue granite next to it and i change to that color. I cant see your pictures for some reason? Can everyone else see them?
  12. Thanks for moving my post to a 8 month old post that everyone has looked at. Chances of me getting a response ==0
  13. Truck is on order, now looking at fiberglass caps. Does anyone have any good or bad experience with the Raider brand truck caps. It will either be a Lakeland brand which are made about 20 miles from here or Raider the Raider is a little more $.
  14. I got one today!!! Now I hope the truck comes in before the end of the month. My luck it will be in May.
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