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  1. Good evening Ladies/Gents Its been a while since i've been on the site, had to take a personal brake. Wanted to get back into the mods, start small. What's the most efficient way of finding mod how-to's for my specific vehicle (if that's even possible). Where do I begin looking? Hope this makes sense. Thank you all in advance.
  2. What size rims and tires are you running. I like that look.... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. Happened to my 15 Denali. The seal was bad. They had to take out and replace my headliner... And cracked the windshield removing it.... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. What's going on everyone. Its been a while since I've traversed this site. Still follow daily, but no recent post, questions or ideas. 


    Question: What's a good site to visit to look for exhaust tailpipe chrome tips for my truck, as well as replacement LED's for second brake light, license plate, and reverse light. 


    Thank you all in advance. 

  5. Hey Everyone Hope I can get some good constructive feedback on a topic that has me pulling hair. I currently own a 2015 WDT Sierra Denali 5.3L CC. I have the opportunity to get into a 2016 Denali 1500. Here's my delima. I love the white diamond tricoat look. GM has replaced the WDT with the "Frost white tricoat"...There also a "Crimson red" available. Now i know its all personal preference. But what is the generalized opinion of the "White frost" compared to the "Crimson red" and my current "WDT"???? Thanks for all the feedback
  6. Man that is a beautiful sounding truck with the improved headers Sent from my SGS7
  7. What thread page is it on.. I've felt movement under my seat... Sent from my SGS7
  8. Can you elaborate on "accurate speedo" TIA Sent from my SGS7
  9. Sorry late reply, seen your message about antenna... Sent from my SGS7
  10. Do you have a GPS antenna, if so your seal might have gone bad.. Mine did, and water ran down the A pillar into floor board Sent from my SGS7
  11. When you say cargo, youre talking about the 3rd break light correct? Sent from my SGS7
  12. GMC only to the best of my recollection Sent from my SGS7
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