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  1. Recently installed a Corsa 24873 kit, sounds great, looks great. Noticed once I received it that the kit doesn’t include a flex pipe, which now has me a bit concerned. For any of you guys/gals running kits without a flex pipe, are you having any issues?? Would it be worth it having a flex pipe added back into the system??
  2. 285-60/r20 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs on 20x9 0 offset XD 820 wheels. Just a slight rub at full turn when hitting a bump.
  3. Well I guess because the Tahoe RST can get the 6.2 I thought the Silverado RST might have a chance of getting it too, that’s too bad.
  4. Don’t think claims of the sort are common on N/A gas vehicles but it seams much easier to attain the limits of a diesel vehicle’s drivetrain, which along with EPA reasons might be why they locked up the duramax so well.
  5. Not sure why we need both cylinder deactivation and auto stop/start. I’m not crazy about the idea of the engine running on 1 cylinder, sounds like a system that might have a lot of bugs to work out. I agree that locking the ECM will save them warranty claims from those tuning under warranty but for those of us waiting for our warranty to be over to tune this really sucks.
  6. -Have 6.2 available in LT/SLE trim -Available front diff locker -Sunroof available in double cab configuration -Vinyl floor covering available with luxury options -Get rid of auto stop/start and skipfire technology or at least make it an option, not everyone wants this -Don’t lock down the ECM and TCM like they’ve done in the duramax
  7. They told me these batteries are only good up to about 60000kms or about like you said 36000 miles, if this dealer won’t help you maybe try a different one?
  8. I had this problem in my 2015 Sierra as well, this message would come up randomly and truck would turn over but wouldn’t start, dealership changed battery on warranty and it hasn’t happened since.
  9. Yeah cranked normal just no start, going into the garage next week, still under warranty so hopefully they can find the problem and fix it.
  10. Was a cold day today, had a weird issue I'd like some opinions on. Truck was plugged in over night, started fine this morning. Parked at work for the day, again started fine leaving work. Drove to the store and left it parked for about 15 minutes, tried to start, cranked but would not start, got an engine power reduced message on screen. Let it sit for about 5 minutes then tried starting again, this time it started, everything was normal but check engine light stayed on. Called the dealer and the service guy said it's probably just the battery, my thoughts on this is if it's the battery why wo
  11. Truck has been starting fine for the past 3 days, I guess it was just the cold. Still not sure what the reduced engine power message was about and also got a service 4x4 message but that went away once the truck had ran and warmed up a bit. Guess I'll mention it next time I'm at the dealer.
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