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  1. Bringing this back up from the dead..... any crew cab chrome window trim out there.... with no scratches/marks and has all the clips...
  2. Hate me... don’t like me I don’t care!!!! I’m just looking out for my self and others on this website... I know it was used... but the pics you posted when you started this doesn’t show those..... whatever you wanna call it marks....Last time I check my fingers go behind the handle and pull out... you must jump in your bed and reach down and open it...
  3. Look man I asked respectfully on my comment above... I was away from this website for a couple years... this is a good place learned a lot of valuable information here about my truck before I bought it in 2015....I remember there was a guy back then that was selling stuff and ripping people off... don’t get mad that I almost bought your handle.. but then when I requested detail pics these scratches showed up... you responded and practically called me a liar!!!!! And here I am proving you wrong... again in your original post can you say that your handle has scratches...
  4. Seller please state in your post that item has scratches
  5. I already got some from a member.... I’m way to picky and I’m just going to buy new trim and handles... but I really appreciate the responseman
  6. Bump I have more parts available.... 2015 ltz tail lights with comple wiring harnesses... 2015 6.2 throttle body... 2015 3rd brake light... hellwig rear sway bar... driver side grey non handle pillar... 2015 crew cab silver ice handles and rear tailgate handle that’s also silver ice.. oem tow mirror caps that are painted but paint is coming off... and tow mirrors front signal clear lens with custom made back in 2015 for me by diode dynamics switchbacks... bottom glass on the tow mirrors also up for grabs... dm for pics and prices...
  7. Yes improvements in ride quality... regretting taking it off... but I’m going to end up linking the rear... so it was going to come off anyway... and reason I’m selling is to help someone else out who might need it...
  8. I have one for sale... all parts and bolts are on deck... fits perfectly fine with spare tire and I’m a 7 inch drop in the rear and doesn’t hit or run stock exhaust
  9. Afe momentum gt purchase in sept 2015... bought it cause was the only one at the time that had a California carb... fast forward 10hp on the dyno with a black bear intake trial... long story short been happy with it... no complaints
  10. Only current pic that’s cleaned I have...the back bumper pic is dirty
  11. Looking for chrome window trim for a crew cab and chrome handles... I have black trim and painted silver handles and my tailgate handle is also silver... also wanting to sell my oem non step back bumper with filled in sensor holes painted silver.... I’m in California
  12. I want to go back to chrome trim and handles
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