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  1. Long tubes headers

    No cats
  2. Long tubes headers

    Forgot to update.. headers and y pipe are on.. only leak I had was where the y pipe joined together.. getting that fully welded.. and dyno tune late next month.. can't wait.. I have 2 borlas on it.. and just got some slp loudmouths to help with the highway drone.. so total of 4 mufflers... wonder what she's gonna sound like.. I'll make a YouTube video and share what she sounds like
  3. Chime in guys

    I didn't turn anything off. Launched at 1,700 rpm. Didn't even get my tires hot
  4. Chime in guys

    Well I'm portuguese.. and I think I'm a badass.. but almost beating that viper truck.. just makes me more bad ass
  5. Chime in guys

    To refresh anyone.. I have a 2015 crew cab standard bed 6.2 ltz max tow pkg.. intake, long tubes, y pipe, exhaust, no tune. Anyways tonight went to a place were is private property. Went up against a 2005 srt10 viper truck 500 hp reg cab and 4:56 gears.. all stock... I lost by 8-10 inches. I'm just amazed what my truck did.. yes I know this isn't the spot to post this.. but wanted to share with all k2000 guys.. had a guy at the end and that's what he said 8-10 inches
  6. Oem powerfold mirrors..

    Bump...serious about this
  7. New Alpine 10" In-Dash

    I'm in for pics and possibly video... and where are they $1,200 at?
  8. Looking for 2 factory resonators..

    Bump... I thought almost everyone here takes off the resonator
  9. Looking for 2 factory resonators..

    I don't know if there is a difference from the 5.3 and the 6.2 resonators... but I have the 6.2.. looking for 2
  10. Brakes make a "creaking" sound

    This is why I love you guys and this website... been hearing this noise for 2 days... thanks op for starting this thread
  11. I just wanna burn rubber

    I did this with mine... as you can see in the video the speedometer hits 60mph... and fyi those where 24's with 295/35/24 tires
  12. In the stereo there is a feature.. in the settings.. if forgot what's it's called. But anyways turn it on and from the factory button you can fold in and unfold
  13. Long tubes headers

    So should I use the ones I have or get an oem gasket? Thanks for all the input guys
  14. Long tubes headers

    So should I buy oem ones fir my truck.. they included gaskets and said it was gm gaskets.. but idk what ours look like

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