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  1. That was my original fear. If I were a betting man, which I am, I'd bet your'e right. I would think they'd at least take the order and let the TPW stall at GM with a constraint. I'll see if I can reach a sales or fleet manager at another dealership tomorrow and see what they say.
  2. True. True. Am guessing the dealership's response is rational. Their response still sounds a bit sketchy, to me, but you do bring up a good point. This dealership has certainly treated me well on my previous purchase and maintenance.
  3. Good point. I've started seeing quite a few 2018 HD's start popping up on lots, though. Makes me wonder if there is truly a legit constraint on the line at this time.
  4. I chalk myself as an informed consumer, but I suppose we all do the same self-assessment, to a degree. Am currently looking to upgrade from my current 1500 to a 3500; not in a rush, though. Just looking for any informed readers who may be able to provide insight regarding the ordering process of an HD at this particular moment in time. Am familiar with the GM order workbench, TPW status, etc. Am trying to order a 3500, and my dealer (whom I've purchased from previously) just gave me a line of "we need to get back with you in a couple weeks, according to the GM." I called the guy (fleet rep) on it, and asked if he actually had any allocations for an order, and he of course said that they did. He went on to explain that GM is currently delaying order entry on trucks, particularly HD trucks, due to recent hurricane events. Does the above response from the dealership, in any form or fashion, ring the truth bell with anyone familiar with the current state of events on GM HD truck orders?
  5. Assuming the tow mirrors are the same (chromed with LEDs) as in my 2015, they are power folding. I always fold mine in with the push of a button when pulling in the garage.
  6. Mine is still in the shop, unfortunately. Am not bothering my service advisor too much because I know he and tech are at the mercy of GM when it comes to drivetrain repairs. Mine is a May 2015 build so am hoping for the best.
  7. According to the TSB, 8-spd trucks "shouldn't" have the delayed engagement issue if the build date is after 10/12/2015.
  8. Mine is currently in the shop with the delayed engagement issue. If the truck has sat for more than a few hours, it's a guarantee that during the initial shift from Park to Drive, it delays a couple seconds, and then BAM--it's hard into first. Have to have foot on brake very firmly; otherwise, truck is sailing forward a foot or two. The delayed engagement from Park to Drive is literally that harsh. Will report back on progress in the shop. Link to a snapshot of the service bulletin: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/knowledgebase/article/2015-2016-corvette-service-bulletin-16-na-014-delayed-engagement-after-sitting-with-engine-off-1290.html
  9. And I'll add it is a thousand times better at voice recognition (for my voice at least) than the OEM MyLink voice recognition.
  10. Sorry for the slight grave dig, but this thread delivers. This thread popped up on a Google search when I was searching for a more intuitive way to interact with my pickup and Android phone. Works on my '15 as described by the OP. Not as cool as '16+ models getting Android Auto, but still very cool! Disclaimer: Am sure this feature is described in other threads, and maybe even in one of my owners manuals, but this is where I found it.
  11. Great truck! Not a fan of XM radio here. Never activated mine either (that I recall); don't care for low-res audio. Just happened to notice my traffic flow lines dropped off the nav screen the other day, and suspected right then that the nav unit was using XM Traffic for traffic flow info. I may have a setting messed up, though, or OTA is spotty with the recent fog. Could very well by me, i.e., operator error. Just wanting to make sure I'm not missing a setting or something. Would love free traffic flow data through the nav screen!
  12. Am curious what year/model truck you have. My initial XM trial expired the other day and my green/yellow/red traffic lines just happened to disappear at the same time, which would lead me to believe GM uses XM Traffic rather than over the air like my Hondas do.
  13. My NHT was built in Mexico in 05/15. Not sure what they plan for '16 builds, though, of course.
  14. Now those are some good looking pickups. I like those much better than the '16 HC version I referenced earlier. Thanks for sharing!
  15. A see a little bit of Honda Ridgeline in the 14/15 All-Terrains. Nothing wrong with that as I'm a Honda fan and have a Civic and Accord in my stable at the moment. I think the '16 has better front grill/fascia/bumper integration as others noted, and I no longer see the Ridgeline resemblance.

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