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  1. Had the same problem , the right side did it twice and then the left side. After a week it quit doing it ,and they both work great .
  2. The x110 has built in amp , so the output with the factory speakers is louder. There is more adjustments ( ie. treble, bass and a bunch of other settings) The navigation works good . I was on the fence for this stereo for a long time . My stock stereo had glitch problems that GM could not fix after 5 trips to the dealer, so i replaced it with this. There is a few drawbacks to the non factory system, like the display on the dash now has no audio info. and you only get one usb output. But that is about the biggest drawback.. The steering wheels control are the same, backup camera works the same. There is a ton of settings and some apps that will take me some time learn. Installed myself in about 4 hours ,very easy install. A few small drawbacks over factory, but the sound difference will make you smile . If ya got more specific questions ask away..
  3. Pick up the x110 sra last week from Pacific Stereo for $975. They had a coupon that gave 25%off. Yes , is sounds much better than factory stereo. Time for new speakers .
  4. i have done a couple truck with herculiner, its not to bad if you spray it on with an undercoater gun. No it doesn't get sticky when hot. I probably wouldn't do it again . I have linex in the new truck and it is defiantly is better you get what you pay for .
  5. I have been looking at these lights too. Is your truck and SLE or SLT ,wondering about the daytime running lights ? can you explain the daytime light work , do they run the leds only or the low beams ? thanks
  6. If anyone has these in an SLE , i would love some feedback
  7. with some modifications you can, I sanded the side guides off and it drops right in and fits perfect
  8. i dremeled off the side guides from a second cup holder and it fits in there good , not super secure but added a piece of weather strip so it will not wiggle around and it make a great phone holder and hides all my change underneath
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