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  1. I believe the stock 18 carry more weight if you haul a lot.
  2. Looking to see if these is a way to change how some things function like when you unlock the truck all the lights come on. I dont want the headlights shining in my house at 5AM.
  3. Thanks, I went with the T-Rex in black. It is mounted with hardware, not tape. The instructions want you to remove the grill, I went at it from the front to mount the brackets with a right angle screwdriver. Then there is enough room from underneath to get your hand and a socket up there to put in the 2 nuts. Overall it looks great and is make well, a bit pricey thought.
  4. I picked up a new 2015 3500HD and the lower grill or lack of one is huge. Already bugs and crap in there. Looking for some sort of grill for it. anyone seen any?
  5. The book with these trucks must cover many models. I read where TPMS is there but apparently 3500 don't have TPMS, is this true?
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