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  1. This is the chip. The first pin on the top is the one to clip off. Opposite of the dot
  2. Just to update this thread since every website I looked for were too lazy to actually post on the forum itself instead on linking to a dead website. This information could've been lost forever because of lazy people who didn't want to post the information to the actual forum. Now I'll save some people some money. Here​ is the information. I'll post a picture later today when I get from the auction. "Look for an 8 legged chip numbered 09400464. Using a soldering iron and a very thin flat headed precision screwdriver, very carefully de-solder and un-attach pin 8 (pin opposite side the dot) from the board. Re-assemble and plug your XM receiver back in and all will work as normal." Btw for this procedure I just used a needle to break the joint at the leg instead of using an soldering iron. Five minutes worth of work.
  3. Oh and please don't pay the global link because it's dead I meant gpona.info the site is dead
  4. They need to bring the envoy and trailblazer back. I'm stuck upgrading my 06 Denali to today's standards lmao
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