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  1. 6.2L with the new tranny is a joy to tow.
  2. Here she is almost finished. So far: - Fabtech 6 inch lift with stealth shocks - Hostile Fury 22x10 -Toyo Open Country RT 35/12.5/22 -Bora 3/8 Spacers only on front wheels -Fold a Cover G4 ELITE Tonneau -Emblems painted white black outers -AT4 badges in black -Smoked Tails -Summit white tow hooks -Ronin Antenna -custom mud flap * Slight rub at full lock, minor metal trimming was required. *
  3. How did you get the bolts... My hands don't fit anywhere ffs.
  4. Finally the truck is back on the road. -6 inch fabtech -35/12.5r22 -Minor metal trimming
  5. How did you remove the square tips?
  6. That’s a pictures of it on stocks. Not driveable. Just sitting for when I was waiting for spacers
  7. Just hitting the metal by about 1/8''
  8. I love the look/offset and tire wheel combo! So really no looking to return anything. Just need it to fit. I thought my biggest issues was clearing the brake caliper LOL Anyone have any experience with Norcal Modding a new sierra??
  9. Ya I saw that when I was buying the kit. I called Fabtech they told me there would be minimal trimming with that setup. I guess trimming is the only way now.
  10. tire is a 35x12.5r22 toyo rt
  11. HELP!! Just had the 4 inch fabtech installed for the At4 (Overall 6 inch). Put hostile 22x10 -25 with a 3/8 spacer. Looks great but I have a major rub. What are my options. pics below.

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