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  1. Did you make your purchase yet? The rebates and stupid discounts make me apprehensive to trade in my Suburban for one. I just miss having a truck
  2. What’s the $800.00 safety package? I’m looking at Trail Bosses & LTZ’s now and like the stance of the TB.
  3. I’m in the market for a truck and these stories are deterring my purchase. I really want to get the diesel. Any other issues? Would you buy the 6.2 gas over this if given the option to do it over?
  4. Thanks again Phil. Works flawlessly and took me longer to find my tools than do the job. Even works with the wife’s IPhone 8 Plus
  5. Added those light buLbs from Amazon. They work great thanks!
  6. Received my module now just awaiting the splice in wire.
  7. Dealer is probably just repinning a new connector.
  8. Look in the classified for a Silverado jump seat and try and find someone to swap captain chairs for their 60/40 split bench. Worth a shot.
  9. It’s probably the Lexani tires. My 22” Bridgestone tires road just as smooth as the 20” OE wheel/tire setup. My only issue is the 22’s have a bit less life expectancy and if you’re on a trip it’s easier to buy an in stock 20” vs trying to locate a 22”. Just my .02
  10. Anyone know the backup light bulb number off hand?
  11. My module shipped today. Now to figure out the wiring harness
  12. I’ve had 2005 Burban, 2007 Burban, 2015 Silverado LTZ CC, and now a 2017 Suburban. It’s by far the most comfortable and family vehicle we could ask for. I’ve had it for 6 months and it just turned 2k miles. I know I never drive it but when I do I truly enjoy it. Chevy has come a long way since my 2005 that’s for sure. Lots of trips coming up this summer so I’ll have to update my MPG for sure.
  13. Never seen those before. I wonder how bright they are??
  14. I had those in my big tow mirrors on my Silverado. I miss those!
  15. Here is what the Silverado has. Made it so much easier to back up in low light areas. https://goo.gl/images/g3qSaa
  16. Like these https://www.carid.com/2017-chevy-suburban-headlights/
  17. Okay so I take it that’s a no? Good luck with the sale and Happy Holidays
  18. 150 shipped? New with free shipping it’s 254 and Summit has $30 summit bucks with purchase. Not trying to offend with the offer.
  19. If you plug the phone into a usb the CarPlay will work. It reads and responds to texts and makes and receives calls without issue.
  20. I’m just going to buy a 2018 Suburban console lid and call it a day. Just looking for the proper part number now.
  21. maybe the small round ones but the Rigid Cubes would look out of place for sure.
  22. I don’t have rear bumper steps. It’s a Suburban not a pickup. Thanks for the replies though.
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