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  1. Black Z71 Silverado, Thank you, glad you like my truck. Here are some more updated pictures. Added the roof hood scoop and inside is a 7 inch LED light bar. Also had some vinyl screws decals placed around the windshield and rear glass to give it that race truck look.
  2. Thank you, glad you like my truck. As for my wallet, very dried out, lol The Running boards on my truck are not adjustable. They are factory that came with the truck when i bought it. I think they look pretty good considering a factory brand. AMP Research now sells the running board that drops when doors open. You can contact them for that. I like mines so, i'm staying with them. The ones i have actually stay close to the body but level with the chassis.
  3. Likarok, Thank you, glad you like my truck... Here are the lastest pic's. Pending Engine Tuner and Roof Scoop Completion.
  4. Today's update Vinyl Wrap Complete Colorado Logo Custom FOX LOGO
  5. Noticed that once you post there is no edit functions after a certain time. Had to post a few pics from the beginning due to moving pics that no longer showed. I apologize for the inconvenience. Latest pic's - rear fog lights, air horn installed. Replaced RBP wheels with MOTO METAL
  6. This is the truck now after Fender Flares installation....
  7. Today's updated photo. EGR Fender Flares installed. a few more upgrades left....
  8. Thank you, glad you like. Actually, there is room right in the area by the USB connections for the switches. Works out right their.
  9. Here is my ride now. its almost completed.
  10. Glad you like it. Its coming along nicely.
  11. Here are some more updates of my truck: Front lights complete and bumper guard installed permanently. Finally, the truck is on all fours Fender flares, Rear Fog lights, Roof hood scoop, Internal switches, Engine tuner, and Vinyl wrap to rear bed cover is all that is left in the completion of this build.
  12. Not sure yet of the Bowtie Color... I like the original but may consider a different color....
  13. Hood scoop now installed permanently, bed cover installed (better pic to come), LED light to be mounted in bumper guard, roof scoop to be fitted, and painted, waiting on wheels to arrive to mount the tires. Air horn, and led rear fog lights to be installed into rear bumper.
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