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  1. Just heard today it’s on a train heading to Portland. I’ll post some pics when it arrives
  2. Has anyone seen one in brownstone yet?? I ordered an AT4 in brownstone, built over month ago and sitting in Flint. Just really curious to see what the color looks like on the truck.
  3. Ya I knew that going into it, but as of right now my production date is next week. So hopefully it doesn’t change.
  4. Dealer sent me pricing this morning on my build 2020 Sierra 2500 AT4. color brownstone metallic (495) Msrp 76,910.00 invoice 72,530 AT4 premium package 4215 duramax 9890 tech package 2125 sunroof 995 Is it worth the extra 10 grand vs buying a 19’ denali right now?
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