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  1. My 2016 was rear ended and didn't have nearly this much damage and they ended up replacing the frame, bumper, and entire bed. Cost the other guys insurance just shy of $20k to repair a 5 month old truck. I will mention that when the frame appears to be cracked it may actually just be the protective coating that appears that way. Also, the adjuster is mistaken. These frames cannot be sectioned or heated at all per GMs repair guidelines. That was confirmed to me by two separate insurance adjusters and the repair shop.
  2. I have a crazy question. Can anyone who has a 2016 post a picture of the fuel filler with the cap removed? I had my Silverado repaired after an accident with a frame and bed replacement and something just doesn't quite look right. Can't get to a Chevy Dealership in the next few days otherwise I'd just check there. Thanks in advance!
  3. Have you seen the aftermarket kits to add it to the 2014 without replacing the lid? http://www.crutchfield.com/p_212FDM1273/Brandmotion-FDMC-1273.html?tp=70492&awkw=184138885225&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=94509729625&awdv=c
  4. From what I was told by the body shop, according to GM specs, once a Hydro-Formed Steel frame damaged, it almost always has to be replaced (mainly because it cannot be heated to repair). Fortunately this is all on the at-fault drivers insurance so it's not costing me anything more than being forced to drive a rental for about a month. Both the insurance company doing the repairs and the body shop (recommended by several GM Dealers in the area) all have lifetime warranties on the repairs, so if there are any issues as a result of the frame replacement, they will work to repair those. Also, fortunately Georgia is a state where Diminished value is a recognized after effect of a vehicle accident. Upon completion of the repairs, it's going to a vehicle appraiser to get the value then I will get the difference back from the insurance company. I guess I'm somewhat lucky that they are for the most part just replacing everything that was damaged instead of repairing it. Plus it's being worked on then QA'ed multiple times by people not affiliated with the insurance company, so it will probably be in better condition than when it left the factory....if they do it right. In the 2015 Silverado I had, there were vibration issues mainly in the steering wheel and pedals at 45 mph then again starting around 73mph+. After several repair attempts, GM finally agreed to a repurchase and I upgraded to the 2016.
  5. Can't believe that this accident is resulting in around $17k worth of damage. They are ending up having to completely replace the frame and the bed over this. Crazy how much damage can be hidden just below the surface.
  6. I had a buy back on my 2015 Silverado LT and went into a 2016 Silverado LTZ. Not only did I get all rebates on the vehicle, I was given an additional incentive as well as a red tag applied to the vehicle by the dealership. Someone is screwing with you if they say you cannot get rebates. FYI, mine took place back at the beginning of April 2016, so it's lot that long ago for there to have been a spontaneous rules change.
  7. I did, the police did a full report and cited the guy that started the chain reaction. Not looking forward to being without my truck for however long the repair takes. After fighting with vibration issues in the first one, I was loving this one and had no issues at all....until now.
  8. So my 2016 Silverado LTZ that has less than 5000 miles on it took a pretty decent hit this morning on the way in to work. For the most part, the damage looked like it was just bumper damage, but upon further inspection I see that the trailer hitch mount has been pushed up into and appears to have cracked the frame. Is this repairable, or am I looking at them having to replace the entire frame?
  9. I started going the Lemon Law route in my state (Georgia) and once I started asking the dealership questions regarding information needed, they mysteriously were willing to do a swap from my 2015 LT to a 2016 LTZ. There is a little vibration in the steering wheel as the truck reaches 73 mph, but after less than 10 seconds, it seems to dampen itself out and even though the speed and road conditions don't change, the vibration disappears. I will say that the 2016 that I have has restored my love for the truck.
  10. So I've had my 2016 Silverado replacement for about a month and a half and what's weird if the vibration is kinda there. I will notice it as soon as I hit 73mph, but even keeping vehicle at that speed, it disappears within 10 seconds of starting (I mean completely disappears). My 2015 Silverado would keep on shaking at that speed until I dropped below 70mph. Don't know if that is just a sign of things to come, of if they've found a way to dampen it after it starts now. I do know my truck was built towards the end of February of this year, so there may have been an engineering change to help with the issue.
  11. Said I would update on my story so here it is. After gathering everything to submit to the State for the Lemon Law hearing, GM agreed to buy back my truck. Turned it in today and am waiting for my new one to be done after they finish up the Android Auto update to it. Traded my Red 2015 Silverado CrewCab LT for a 2016 Tungsten Metallic Crew Cab LTZ. Test drove this one for a bit and didn't feel the vibration, so I'm hoping that 1500 miles into it there still won't be one. If it does, I may try torquing the Ubolts that I keep hearing about before going down the dealer route again. This sure is frustrating going through the process, but I'm hoping in the end it was worth it. I'll update as the miles climb to see how it's doing.
  12. Just out of curiosity, has anyone experienced a change (for better or worse) by putting better tires on the vehicle (i.e. the Michelin's I keep hearing about)?
  13. This one I think is normal. The radio will stay on for 15 minutes after turning off the truck unless the driver side door is opened. I don't think locking it makes a difference. All of my GM vehicles have done this in the past. Not to say the rest isn't weird, but this one I think is by design.
  14. Mainly because every vehicle I've owned to date has been GM, including an '11 Sierra, and have loved all of them. I love this truck as well minus the vibration. So I guess you can call it loyalty, but I don't know how blind it is. Is it possible that I could get another one with a vibration, yes, but by then I'll be really good at the Lemon Law process. I've also (and correct me if I missed a post) not seen the same type of issues as being un-correctable in the '16's, not to mention I've driven '15 Sierra's and Silverado's that are at or very near the same mileage as mine that do not have the same problem. There are also some accessories I've purchased (the aforementioned tonneau cover) and a bed rug that I can move into another GM Truck instead of have to re-purchase for a different brand and throw that money away. I've also got family that works for GM, some as engineers and I can see how issues like this can come up. GM doesn't have engineers that design the whole truck, someone comes up with the design and departments design individual components. Unfortunately, sometimes when those components are combined, you get issues that come up. I also don't view it as rewarding them, like I mentioned before, it all depends on how they handle this. If they decide to make me take them to the state for a resolution, then they are out. If they offer to repurchase without any hassle, then at least they are willing to try to make it right and to me that would be commendable. There's always going to be issues, and not just with vehicles, but it's on how the manufacturer handles it that determines if I remain loyal or not.

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