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  1. Dhami79, Congrats on the new Cedar Creek! The pin weight on the 377BH says 2150 lbs. I think you should be OK. As always, consider the weight of all additions. Generator, hitch, washer/dryer, tools, etc. Guessing you will be close once you add up everything but should be OK. Hit the scales once you get it loaded up so you know where you stand. One thing I found out are the Westlake H rated tires on my Cedar Creek were only rated at 65 MPH. I swapped them out for Goodyear G114 H rated tires rated at 75 MPH.
  2. I am pulling a 2017 41.5 foot 5th wheel Model 38EL. The truck is a 2020 3500 HC. I added a 45 Gal aux diesel tank. I have the B&W Companion puck hitch. It pulls great!
  3. Mine originally started screeching around 10K. Dealer in Missouri replaced brakes in October of 2020. They were quiet for about 5K miles. Now in Florida and were really noisy for 1st 20 minutes after sitting for 3 or 4 hours. Took to dealer here and found out the Missouri dealer had only replaced the fronts. Had to leave truck overnight so they could really hear the problem. They ended up replacing all 4 under warranty along with a loaner vehicle. It's been quiet now for 3 weeks. If your dealer won't help, find another dealer. The dealer here told me they were doing 2 or 3 per week so it's a very widespread problem. Mine also had that big dump truck sound. Good luck!
  4. I just went from Illinois to South Florida a few weeks ago.Mine is a 2020 Duramax 3500 SRW pulling a 41.5' 5th wheel. I think I am around 16,000 Lbs. I averaged about 8.5 running 75 mph. I traded a 17 Duramax. The 10 speed really makes the truck seem lighter. Hopefully the mpg goes up a little after I get some miles on it. Love the truck!
  5. Jon, A. Sorry. You said engine torque which was correct. The above number is "gearbox torque" evidently.
  6. Jon A, I just looked at the link you had and it says: The 8L90 has a torque capacity of 738 lb.-ft. (1000 Nm). Even better!
  7. FL335i, We stayed at Santa Rosa RV Park in Navarre,FL. It was a last minute trip and reservation. The place was really nice. I had to park my truck sideways on the pad but it worked.
  8. I bought these a few weeks for my 2016 High Country. They worked perfect. I was skeptical but read the reviews and they were right. Sorry, here is the link. http://www.amazon.com/CIPA-10950-Chevrolet-Custom-Towing/dp/B00T36HLYU/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1459555807&vehicle=2016-47-491-523--53-6--19471--8-1-5052--1-0&sr=1-1&ymm=2016%3Achevrolet%3Asilverado+1500&keywords=towing+mirror+silverado
  9. I don't think you can get the Max Tow with Z71. But I do think you can order the mirrors.
  10. Well I ended up buying a 38ft travel trailer. The dry weight is 7800 lbs. I think this is probably about right for my setup where my max towing is 9300 lbs.I still may upgrade my tires to the e load rating though. I have heard it may make it more stable and less susceptible to sway. I did buy the Blue OX sway pro and seems pretty stable now after driving almost 1000 miles. The first 200 miles or so was in real windy conditions which was pretty nerve racking since I have never pulled a travel trailer this long. Going up and down some of the hills in southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee were a breeze with the 6.2L. Just set the cruise and let it work. That engine is really amazing.I averaged about 9 MPG pulling the trailer and running 70-75 MPH. Enthusiast, I am not sure which ones come with the larger cooling but you can check for the RPO codes in the glove box on already built units. The RPO codes are: KC4 (Cooling, external engine oil cooler) and KNP (Cooling, auxiliary external transmission oil cooler) One thing I did find out from the retired guy I camped next to in Florida. That is this stuff is addicting. I am already looking to upgrade the truck and trailer. Crazy!
  11. The Ultimate version of the Air Lift might be the way I go also. I do have RPO codes for the KC4 (Cooling, external engine oil cooler) and KNP (Cooling, auxiliary external transmission oil cooler) options. After reading your last comment I looked at the tires that came on my truck. They now look like the weak point to me. I will be saving up for some 8 or 10 ply tires. Once I wear this truck out by putting 60-70K miles on it I may have to upgrade to a Duramax 2500 or 3500 and get a real truck. Someday I would like to go with a nice 5th wheel and I am guessing that will be required. Although I sure like the sound of this V8 when you get on it. It is pretty impressive and the acceleration reminds me of a 1970 Monte Carlo I bought when I returned from the service. It had a 3 speed auto with a 400 big block but the funny thing is that I think this truck may be as fast as the car was. At least to 100 MPH anyway.
  12. Thanks again for the replies. Lots of good ideas. I will probably only tow 6 times a year. And long distance maybe once or twice a year.The long distance will likely be between Illinois and Florida so little high altitude pulling. I like the idea of the Air Lift verses adding the heavy duty springs.Seems like the best of both worlds. The Load Lifter 5000 seems pretty easy to install. https://www.airliftcompany.com/shop/57204/ I found some gear ratios from another post that compare the various options for the 8 speed verses the 6 speed. In 1st gear the 8 speed and 3.23 is 14.73 which is very near the 6 speed and 3.73 which is what was part of the NHT before the 8 speed showed up. And 7th and 8th with the 3.23 is below and above what 6th was with the 6 speed NHT. What I am trying to say is that it seems the 3.23 might be just fine for what I want to do.
  13. Thanks I appreciate the feedback even if it's not want I want to hear. Pretty interesting point on the gears for the HD.
  14. Thanks redwngr! I think I may go ahead and buy the heavier duty springs. Then I think the only item short of an offical NHT package would be the 3.42 gears. In my case I am researching this because I am thinking to buy a travel trailer near 8900 pounds dry.
  15. Hi, my first post here. I recently purchased a 2016 High Country with the 6.2L. I am trying to confirm what is actually in the max tow package. I am aware it cannot be ordered with the High Country but not really sure why. My truck has: Differential, heavy-duty locking rear 9.76" Cooling, auxiliary external transmission oil cooler Cooling, external engine oil cooler Trailer brake controller, integrated It seems this truck has most of the items except the 3.42 ring and pinion and the heavy duty springs. It appears you can buy the GM heavy duty springs online if you wanted to. So it almost seems that the 3.42 gears is all that may be difficult to come by. I think you would likely need to change out the front and rear. Has anyone looked into this before? Any thoughts on why they don't offer the NHT on the High Country?
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