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  1. That looks sick I have pacific blue and I like it but I like that better. I never had a blue truck that's why I went with blue. I had a green 06
  2. Might want to let gm know because like I said they would not or will not let you spec 20 inch rims on the 2022 models year 2500 for a 11350 gvw truck. Not sure if that has changed. By the way im not complaining it was not that big of a deal for me either way im actually happy with the 18s . I like the rims I got they look good with the pacific blue. I wish I souls have optioned to black the truck out in the sle package but it looks good the way it is to.
  3. Then gm software is mistaken to. He showed me everytime we put 20 inch rims on the truck it took away the 11350 GVW we tried several rim and tire combos. 18 inch rims was the only way the ordering software would allow us to keep the 11350 gvw. This was on a crew cab 2022 2500 diesel with a 6 foot bed. I'll add to there is a lot of things you can spec online but whe. You actually go to order what you speced on the web GM won't actually build. The reason I was at the dealer was GM rejected my first build . My original spec was for a double cab 6 foot diesel the rejected because they were not building double cab diesels. I either had to get a gas engine or a crew cab. Which I'm glad happened. But I speced that truck on the gm website printed it out and brought it with me.
  4. I dont think this is entirely true. I think everything is the same except the tires. When I build mine I had wanted the 11350gvw and I had to get 18 inch tires to get that as the dealer said they could not get proper load rated tires in 20 inch rims. Not sure if that is true or not but it's what I was told. And everytime the dealer tried to add 20s it took the rating down to 10k gvw.
  5. What style of fifthwheel are you guys using in your standard beds? I want to get a standard mount but want to see what you all are using first. I'll also be using the factory puck system.
  6. I took my 2022 gmc 2500 duramax truck in for an oil change and they said it had a recall. They were not very forth coming with info but said it had a issue with programming and codes not showing up and they had to remove and iinspect cam sensor. Anyone heard anything about this?
  7. Since I bought the 2022 gmc 2500 I decided to start doing some mods to my 2019 limited. So I had a lift kit installed and did some new tires and rims trying to decide what I should do next. I did a 4 inch BDS wish I had gone with a 6 inch oh well.
  8. I notice my engine fan kicks on at weird times as well. But I link that to the fact that my truck has the front grill shutters and they are probably closed causing the fan to have to run to cool the radiator. I have noticed on cold days they tend to stay closed during warm days they are always open.
  9. I went with a crew cab because I run a buisness and a lot of times I need 3 or 4 seats and my double cab was a little to small for 4 adults. I had a 2013 reg cab 3500 6.0 and loved it. When I sold it people were litterally bidding on buying it. I had listed it for 16000 and sold it for 20000. It had 110000 miles on it weirdest selling experience of my life. People always go down never go up lol.
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