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  1. Hey guys just traded my truck in for a Ram 2500 . No need of these anymore . $100 spiked lugs bought them in July. Always hand put on and removed . Also have a set of BPS Lighting G7 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit - 9012 HIR2 . Bulbs had them for 4 months on the truck . 2014 Sierra
  2. Well it actually hasn't done it after I did that . This weekend I'll b driving for 3 hours pulling a trailer so it will b a good test.
  3. I did end up cutting after that pic so hopefully it helps.
  4. I never thought about the battery maybe I'll have it check tomorrow . I just ended up sanding down the ground wires and nuts , I was unable to reach the stud but will see if it's helps . Here some pics
  5. Yeah I got the same story from them . But thanks for the heads up on sanding it . I am going to do that I didn't do that last time I just removed the insulation. Sanding it down may help more . Thanks again .
  6. I agree it should be a recall . Its a know m issue all over the web but according to the dealer it's not . And they can't find anything wrong with it unless it does it to them since there is no check engine .
  7. I did do that a month ago But only on the left side witch would be the driver side the other side wasn't in touching the insulation. which seems like it helped it or fixed it but It started again. Has done it to me twice this week .Unless I didn't do something right .
  8. Hello, I have been having this issue with the truck for a couple months here and there and its recently got worse. While I am driving, at low speed or high speed the truck shuts off randomly, it turns everything off and after a minute or two it turns back on. I did this about a month ago and it seem like it got better but now it did it again twice in a week. I am taking in this Thursday for the EPS assist Recall issue but not sure if it will fix it. has no warranty no more it is a 2014 22k miles no check engine light any help or if anyone has had this issue any help would be appreciated.
  9. Can someone provide the link for the keypad . Or is it the same one on page 1 or 2 I think ? Will this work on a 2014 Sierra ? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. I would love to see if this works also. I have the same 2.5 rc level and 1.5 body lift on 33's x 12.5 on 22's.
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