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  1. You might have already found your answer but I tapped into the reverse wire in the trailer pin harness. They only come on while in reverse. Had it for a few years now with no issues.
  2. Hello, Im looking into installing a few led marker lights in my grille. I’ve seen several threads on this but the one question I can’t seem to find is what fuse are y’all using to keep the marker lights on when ever the truck is on? I know some are using the DRL or the parking lights but I’m unclear if these will keep the lights on at all times. Also I don’t want to tap into my headlights so I plan on using an “add a circuit” fuse adapter but just wanted to verify I wouldn’t need to put another fuse in it right? I just pull the existing fuse out and replace it in the adapter correct? Thanks for yalls help.
  3. Old thread I know but those of y’all who have these lights specifically in a 2016-2108 grill care to post a pic how y’all mounted them? I see some of y’all talking about using a piece of aluminum bar stock and just curious how y’all made it work?
  4. Hello, Just seeing if anyone had any suggestions on removing rear door panel trim. I’m able to remove the front no problem but kinda at a loss where to begin on the rear. Just don’t want to break any clips. I’m removing these pieces so I can either wrap or maybe trade with someone on here. I currently have the Z71 silver “carbon fiber” trim pieces that came factory and I’m looking to get the wood grain if anyone is interested in swapping. If not any suggestions on a good brand of vinyl wood grain wrap? Thanks for all the help.
  5. Thanks for the reply and pictures. Gonna help me out quite a bit. One last question. Did you use the negative in the harness or somewhere on the frame?
  6. This is exactly what I’m wanting to do with the curt harness. Any chance you can take some pics of how you have them wired to that harness and maybe how you have the actual lights attached using the hose clamps. Also maybe a dumb question but using the harness and setup is there any interference with using a trailer at the sametime? Thank you for any help. Not a lot of pictures of using pods with this harness.
  7. Old thread I know but one thing I would love to see if possible is some pictures of the lighting from in the cab with tinted windows. I’d like to do this mod since I can hardly see out my mirrors with my tint. Most pictures are from the outside or the back up camera but is there significant change while looking through your window to back up. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Is your truck level? I’ve read some reviews saying it wasn’t level after the lift was I stalled. Any chance we can get some pictures?
  9. Hello everyone. I just purchased some 18x9 Fuel Maverick with -12 offset. I put them on 275/70 Nitto Trail Grapplers. I have the ReadyLift 2.25 leveling kit as well. I did a lot research and everything I read said this would work with no rubbing or trimming. Well that’s not the case. At nearly full lock it hits on the back of the fender wall. The carpet, plastic and metal part all make contact. I can’t figure out why my truck is so special lol. Anyways I know my options are to go with a lift or getter a higher offset or trim but I really like the stance with this set up and I’d like to not get a lift or trim metal if possible. Do y’all think 285/65r18 would solve the issue with the tire being a half inch smaller?
  10. Yes it has the new upper control arms. The shop I went to said it wasn’t necessary but that they recommended it. I decided to go with it since it is a brand new truck. Didnt want to give them any reason to try to get out of warranty.
  11. ReadyLift 2.25” leveling kit with the new upper control arms. 275/70-18 Nitto Trail Grapplers.
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